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My name is Tenma and i have been collecting for almost 10 years and Idolm@ster fan since the first Xbox 360 game and currently have over 300 Im@s items and figures

Favorite Idols: Azusa Chihaya Yayoi Ritsuko & Ami/Mami
Favorite Idolm@ster game: The Idolm@ster for the Xbox 360
Favorite Outfit: Beyond the Stars and Dressy Alice
Favorite Song: 9:02 PM Furu Furu Future & We have a Dream
Favorite Idol PVC: Ryuugu Komachi Azusa
Favorite Puchi Idol: Miura-san & Yayo
Favorite 876 Idol: Eri
Favorite Jupiter Member: Touma
Favorite IM@s BGM
: Town

~Thank you for visiting my Profile~





Have the best birthday you can in these times!
11 месяцев назад
Have a great birthday with all the things going on right now.
11 месяцев назад
Happy Birthday!
1 год назад
Hope you have a fun birthday!
1 год назад
^v^ You're a very awesome lady, amazing collection, idolmaster rocks, cheers.
2 года назад
Thank you~ Hopefully I'll do a decent job.
2 года назад
Have a great birthday!
3 года назад
Thank you for being a moderator.
3 года назад
Tenma3 года назад#25832082Happy Birthday!
Have a gre@t day
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Daww, thanks a lot! ;A;
Cute Anzu over there <3
3 года назад
Tenma3 года назад#25565920Wow 7 weeks now i feel bad for only waiting 3 weeks..
I thought Goodsmile was trustworthy, i would think twice before i order there again
Yes you definitely should that is outrageous did you use EMS as shipping method ?
You could also contact PostNL about it to ask were it might be they might help you as well
I recently got packages from Japan who were delivered by normal postmen instead of the package service, PostNL can be such a mess when it comes to delivery.
Nice! I could have sworn your were from Japan or Germany XD

They emailed me today! They were sorry for the late reply^^;;.... They said that they will start an investigation @ JPpost and will contact me again as soon as they have news.. fingers crossed. I picked SAL registered, I know it can take a bit longer, but never this long ^^;; I lived in Japan for 3 years :)
Where are you from? EDIT: Oh, you're from NL as well! O__O hahaha what a coincidence!
3 года назад

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