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hello friends~
I primarily collect goods from The Vision of Escaflowne and Revolutionary Girl Utena. There may be some goods outside of those series, but I've decided to limit my collection :) Other stuff I may collect are The Legend of Zelda N64 goods and some Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


SheikUtenaFanel7 лет назад#1350644I am so jealous of your Escaflowne collection!! Ahhhhh. Where did you get the music frame? D: I have one from Utena, it was a fan club exclusive I was lucky enough to find at a con. Was the Escaflowne a fan club exclusive too?

I brought the Escaflowne music frame from Yahoo Auctions, like a lot of other things from my Escaflowne collection. Unfortunately I know nothing about where and how you could obtain it when it was first released as I've been unable to find any information out about it.
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Welcome to the MFC!)
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Welcome to the board!
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Welcome to the board SheikUtenaFanel! :)

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Live better. Play more!

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