Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!
Selling entire collection PM if interested in anything.
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Happy birthday bro!
2 месяца назад
Your inbox is full.
3 месяца назад
Scrimshaw is a pleasure to work with and purchase from! Highly recommended! Thanks for all the figs.
4 месяца назад
Bought Phat Company Jack the Ripper from Scrimshaw came in great condition, Amazing person to work with highly reccomended thanks a lot!
7 месяцев назад
Hello there,

I see that you have the Konjiki no Yami Gift Plush and was wondering if you're interested in selling or trading the item with me. I have been looking for that item for almost a year now, and it would genuinely mean the world to me.

I am willing to pay high prices and trade rare merchandises from any franchises for her, it doesn't have to be what I have on MFC.

I see that your inbox is full so I decided to leave a comment instead.

Thank you very much,
A Fellow Yami Fan
9 месяцев назад
Amb ....?!
Happy Birthday friend!

Stay inside where it's safe. There's political correctness, electric scooters and neckbeards everywhere *shudder*
1 год назад
EDIT: nvm wrong user. Sorry! lol
2 года назад
Amb ....?!
Hey! Long time. I logged on to Skype last night. First time in forever. How are you?
2 года назад
Amb ....?!
Happy birthday, good Sir.
3 года назад
Amb ....?!
Happy Birthday friend!

Kittens everywhere!!
4 года назад
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!

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