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As of now I primarily collect NSFW with some interest in different series and games. Primarily anything pastel and lewd is my thing. I love anything that focuses on fetishes and highlight female sexuality in different forms.

To conclude, I'm a really big weirdo and I'm just excited to share my collection and interests with other people.
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Minors (under 18), fujoshi/BL fans, attention whores, figure "purists"

We collect pieces of plastic, its one thing to have preferences but its another thing to look down on people and assert your opinions on them as fact. Dramatic ass people arent welcome. Go touch grass and/or see a therapist.
Tl;dr if you cant respond to me i blocked you cause i find you annoying.

My Projects (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

I also love 3d printed statues/one of a kind statues and painting them! If you like doing that and share the similar hobby drop a comment and tell me what you're working on!

Current project(s):
⋆ 1/6 scale statue of Dimitri Fire Emblem Three Houses [painting]
⋆ 1/6 scale statue of Edelgard Fire Emblem Three Houses [painting]
⋆ Dimitri Nendoroid (Pre & Post Timeskip) [Searching for Artist]








1 день назад
IKR? After that I lost all hope for the FE community. I'm so glad I have nothing to do with this fandom anymore. Feels good to just enjoy the things I love on my own and enjoy the lovely fanart and fanfics.
God, why are ppl so awful? Imagine harassing someone because of a ship or fictional character in general. It's so goddamn stupid. I swear this fandom is full of children AND man children. I'm glad you also distanced yourself from all that toxic shit. Like I said it's honestly the best to just enjoy your love for something. No stress, no discourse. We're just vibing lol.

Yup! God, I love El and CF so much. I know I already said it a hundred times, but it needed to be said again haha.

RIGHT?? They ALWAYS have to insult femByleth for no reason or mention male Byleth when they see fem Edeleth. It's sooo annoying. You know what, I'm happy that het Edeleth isn't so popular or male Byleth in general. I'm happy that fem Byleth got the most attention from fans. It's what she deserves. And YUP! She is really so much more expressive than male Byleth. Walking tent LMAOO that got me. Ok but this is so true though??? His design is literally so boring and he looks like generic anime harem protag #42158. As annoying as his fans are. It's cathartic to see them seethe, idc I'm that petty lmao.
Lol what are they saying? fem Byleth got bimbofied? They know that she has literally canon proportions, right? Most fanart I've seen of her is faithful to that.
I mean, sure. There ARE some where she looks like a waifu with melon tits, but it's art I ignore either way. Maybe these ppl only follow hentai artists and that's why they say shit like that. What porn addiction does to a mf lmao. But I love most fanart of her, because in most of them she looks like the badass mercenary she is!

Yeah Dimiclaude is just...it literally makes no sense whatsoever. It's really telling that most Dimiclaude fans somehow hate Edelgard. Many of them also hate fem Byleth. And I hate it when characters have to be out of character in order to fit in a ship some fans can drool over. Reminds me too much of yaoi fangirls I've encountered in the past. Man, they're...annoying lol. I just hate it when they woobify male characters and change their whole personalities. I'm always like "are you sure you love this character??". But I guess you can say that about rabid fangirls in general.

Oh, are you playing Xenoblade 3? I hope it's good! I just finished Nier Replicant and I'm a wreck lmao. Such a fantastic game.
Honestly, I kinda want another FE game, but at the same time...nah I'm still not over FE3H and need more content for this game lol. I'm desperate for more, because Three Hopes was a huge let down. Or you know what? Gimme a new FE game aaaand a FE3H remake with a fully voiced Byleth and I'm happy lmao. I really hope it's not a FE4 remake though. Because I'm not really a fan of this one. I'm not a fan of Kaga games in general, so maybe that's just me.

Oh that's sounds nice! Emperor Edelgard definitely deserves more love from cosplayers. Such an amazing design should not go to waste lol

Now that you're mentioning it. I saw some japanese reviews about Three Hopes and it seems that a good chunk of them disliked it. The most frequently mentioned reasons were that Byleth was not the protag (or that her role is nonexistent) and that the plot is not so good like the original one. And THEYRE RIGHT lol.
5 дней назад
Yeah, the FE community is on another level. They call anyone they don't like slurs etc. I was called an imperialist defender and a nazi for liking Edelgard. Ofc these ppl follow FE ytber who literally are pedophilles and sexually assaulted women. You think FE fans care? No, they only care about red lady bad. FE was the first fandom I actively participated in and I REGRET IT. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful ppl, especially in the Edelgard and Edeleth
community, but the FE fandom in a whole is absolute garbage. I'm gonna be honest: The CONSTANT hate and harassment I had to endure from Dimitri "fans" 3 years ago made me kind of hate Dimitri because I associated him with these idiots. But as soon as I stopped interacting with the community and only stayed in my safe spaces, my hate for him vanished too and I'm glad about that. No hard feelings left! Now I'm just vibing with a few ppl and enjoying fanart and fanfiction of my fave characters and ship. But it's insane how much a fandom can change your mind about a character. I never had this happen to me, but as I said, I'm glad I'm over it now. But now I know better: never engage with a large fandom. Just enjoy things on your own. It's truly the best way. I had to learn the hard way. Never again!

IKR? Like..I'm sorry Claude but VW is imo really kind of unnecessary. It's literally a copy of SS. The devs should have concentrated on CF and SS, but nah let's give VW all the unnecessary cutscenes and the lore dump lol. And I think Nemesis was an ass pull in VW. He made no sense there. Maybe in SS or in CF, yeah. BUT VW? No way. They need to give us really Three Houses Royal, I'm begging y'all lmao. As much as I love the CG of Edeleth hugging...imagine a fricking cutscene of them hugging. Or a cutscene of the El and Dimitri fight in CF. Their scene was so emotional. OR a cutscene of Dimitri dying peacefully in Dedue's arms and not the black screen we got lol. The BE really are the perfect found family, I love them so much. Especially because they're the only house to stay together during
the timeskip. Gosh, I'm so happy that El has all of them! I actually only have one Byleth ship and it's Edeleth ofc. I married Dorothea once, because...it's Dorothea lmao. But idk, it felt kind of wrong lol. But it's fun to ship all the other students! Some ending cards are wild af. Not that I ship them, but Felix and Leonie ending up as street performers in CF? Good for them lmao. But I'll never get over Gilbert's end CG. SO CURSED.

It's not only male Byleth looking like an generic anime protag, but it's also his fans (especially het edeleth fans) who are often quite annoying. Just yesterday, I saw het edeleth fanart and one comment was insulting fem Byleth. Out of nowhere?? "I'm fed up with yuri edeleth, fem Byleth is so ugly". Het Edeleth fans enjoy your shit without insulting fem Byleth challenge (IMPOSSIBLE). And don't get me started on how entitled many of them are. I'm sorry but they don't deserve Edelgard lol.

I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY DIMICLAUDE EXISTS TBH?? No seriously, why is this ship a thing? Because it's two hot guys being together or what? But OFC Dimiclaude fans hate Edelgard, who would have thought that fujoshis hate the female character who "gets in the way". El is just minding her own business but ok lmao.

NO WAY ANOTHER FATES ENJOYER? Omg, I'm so happy?? I LOVED Fates. Sure, the plot wasn't groundbreaking but welcome to jrpgs lmao. I enjoyed this game soooo much and played it sooo many times, especially with the gay mod. It was amazing, and I don't CARE what anyone else says. I'm STILL WAITING for a Corrin Scale! And I desperately need a rerun of the Camilla one!!

Lmao ikr? Ppl say that fem Byleths outfit is a mess, but it's iconic and WAY more recognizable than male Byleth's. He looks so dull imo. Damn, your Edelgard cosplay will be absolutely amazing, I just know it. Yeah, I didn't see many War Edelgard cosplays, but when I see them, then they're so gorgeous! Her outfit is too immaculate. It's just guaranteed to look good.

YUP, THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE?? I also need a Byleth figma, a War Edelgard Scale and ..idc MORE figures of ALL OF THEM lmao. Gimme a Rhea Scale, but the Seiros version! And ngl, the Felix pop up should have been literally any other character. God, I REALLY hope we get no figures of their Hopes versions...I love Edelgard but I don't want to be reminded of Hopes existence. So please, don't release a Hopes El figurine...
15 дней назад
Don't worry, I feel you lol

Wow, I knew the FE fandom is absolute shit but this is insane. Let people enjoy the things they like, dammit. Like..it's not that hard. If I don't like something that I mute or block shit, no need to act toxic. They're all children, god. I hope you're okay now.

Yeah, CF is the best route imo, but it could have been so much more. And don't get me started on SS. As a Rhea lover I'm still salty that she got shafted so hard even in her supposedly own route?? Like a church route without the archbishop present..what a joke lmao.
Omg yes, I'm always recruiting Mercedes because she fits so much more in CF. Her getting a happy end with Emile is the cherry on top. Same with Lysithea. I'm glad that most ppl see her as a honorary BE! She is El's trauma sister, I love their dynamic so much!! Though, I would say most of the cast fits perfect in CF, since most of them have traumatic experiences and Edelgard's goals only benefit them. I also like the Ashen Wolves, but I have to confess that I really don't see them as a fourth house or Yuri as the fourth Lord. Idk, maybe because the'yre DLC and therefore optional. Ultimately unimportant in the main plot. Though Hapi
and Constance are honorary BE as well lol.

I'm still baffled by what they did to Byleth and Sothis. Because yeah, I REALLY thought we finally get to see more of Byleth and her past, more SOTHIS LORE, but nah let's focus on an OC instead, who is also unimportant to the plot. I will never understand the decisions the devs made in Hopes. It could have been the perfect fanservice game, but Byleth doesn't even have fricking support conversations with the Lords. I wanted to see her interact with Edelgard, dammit! And then the devs have the audacity to give us edeleth crumbs in her Hubert support. That she "feels drawn to the Ashen Demon" and then they give us absolute
NOTHING. No supports, absolute zero interactions. Thats sooo dumb?? That pissed me off so much lol. I don't really care about Shez and wish they didn't exist, but yeah. If Byleth would have been important and one of the protags then I wouldn't care playing as Shez. And honestly? I know Hopes will get DLC at some point, but I really hope it's not story DLc (finishing the routes, because all of them end abruptly). Let the routes have open endings without Byleth in the picture.

I'm not surprised that some unpleasant Dimitri stans harassed you for that. Idk why but some of them have the wildest takes about Edelgard and they're getting even Dimitri's character REALLY wrong. Dimitri is supposed to be their favorite Lord but then they write such bullshit, it's hilarious and pathetic. It's annoying that theyre the loudest in the FE fandom (starting shit on twitter or reddit). Ok and there are also some really annoying Claude fans who only like him because they think he is the "haha funny upside down man
meme". Not surprising that they often ship Dimiclaude lmao. I feel sorry for normal and chill Dimitri fans like you. Like the ending of AM is really sad and I was bawling my eyes out. It was so emotional and IN CHARACTER for both Edelgard and Dimitri, but no some ppl shit on it with their bad takes. It's incredible how many ppl played this game with their eyes closed. These are the same ppl who complained about FE Fates being too black and white btw.
The FE fandom has so braincells.

Gosh, that sounds awesome! I love it when ppl cosplay Byleth, because her outfit is fire. Some say she looks ugly because of the tights but god I LOVE THEM. Her outfit is iconic and ppl who think otherwise are WRONG. She looks so much better than male Byleth. He looks like your generic anime protag #5214. So yeah fem Byleth is the better Byleth. She also fits the story of Three Houses more.
I saw a video of an Edelgard cosplay some time ago, where the cosplayer is showing off the huge cape and it looked so awesome. Edelgard's war outfit is just SO GOOD. That's another thing I missed in Hopes - her iconic horns! Same with Aymr. War Edelgard looks so badass, I'm certain you will look absolutely amazing!!

Hoping for an updated picture when the Byleth scale stands between El and Dimitri! YEAH, I'm SO HAPPY ABOUT BRAVE BYLETH. I hope they're really using her blue hair, since I like it more than the mint color tbh. My wish would be that it's a CF Byleth, buuut that will never happen lol. I wonder which outfit she will wear. Her regular one? The assassin one (the one in the cipher card)? Or dancer outfit like Marianne...?
Yeah she should have won 2 years ago with Edelgard together. That would have been amazing.

I wonder if we will get more merch. But I hope it's not from Hopes lol. Just gimme more figures. I'm still waiting for nendos! Can you imagine: a Byleth nendo.
An Edelgard nendo with her little horns...I would die of happiness ngl.
16 дней назад
thank you so much! i'm glad you enjoyed them :)
18 дней назад
Yeah, I feel the same. It's so nice to meet other people who aren't toxic. The FE fandom is imo way too awful. I'm glad I don't interact with the community outside of a few ppl who like the same stuff I do. It's the best way to enjoy something you like, ESPECIALLY characters like Edelgard and Byleth. They're living rent free in some haters heads, which is kind of amusing but they simply need to stfu.

Omg same, I've spent way too much time with this game and I regret nothing lmao. Sure, the game isn't perfect because it was in development hell and it feels unfinished. As much as I love CF it needed more time. The whole game should have been delayed imo. Like Claude's route is just a copy paste of SS lol. And no, you're right. Edelgard's final CG was ...not good. I saw edits that looked way better. And yeah, I'm gonna be honest. Except Lysithea and Marianne I don't really care for the GD. Kind of same with the BL. I love Ingrid and Mercedes, but the boys are not my cup of tea. Maybe because I'm not into bishounen idk. But I'm happy others enjoy them.

BUT even though Three Houses has its problems, it's still way better and enjoyable than Hopes. I was flabberghasted when I played the demo and the Academy phase was maybe like one fricking chapter??? The students tell you that they don't want to kill their fellow students, but in Hopes they knew each other for like 2 weeks lmao. Hopes has huge pacing issues and don't get me started on how they ruined Byleth's role in it. (And RHEA's too. I love her too and again, she got done dirty smh) She was heavily marketed for this game and she really only shows up 2 times and if you don't recruit her, she literally dies of a heart attack. But yeah, I LOVED the Jeralt and Byleth support and her picnic dialogues. Byleth is such a gentle and caring person, who just has problems expressing her emotions. She is such a compelling character. Even though she got done dirty in Hopes, I fell more in love with her. A fully voiced Byleth is too dangerous for my heart lmao

CF was my first run too and god, I was not prepared to love Edelgard so much or for her route to be soo good. The emotional rollercoaster destroyed me but it was perfect. Before I played the other routes I played CF 3 times lmao. And after that I played it sooo many times again. This woman lives rent free in MY head and I love it. She is easily the greatest fictional character for me tbh. And I was SO HAPPY to see that fem Byleth can marry her!! Like yes, finally some good fucking food! I would have loved to see Edelgard and co wrecking Shamballah, especially when dataminers found the map in CF...y'all should have delayed the game, damnit. And you and your girlfriend have immaculate taste btw. I know not all of them are like this (it's only a vocal minority like always) but I'm happy to see a Dimitri fan who isn't hating on Edelgard and talking bs about her and her route. It's really refreshing after all the shit I had to see before I started curating my online experience lol. I hope you had a better time than me in that regard...but well, seeing how some ppl were talking shit about your fanfic..we really can't have nice things, huh.

Ngl I love that you cosplay Byleth! And I'm happy that she isn't your average bubbly or genki protag. There are way too many of them, so I'm glad that Byleth is a MATURE protag, who has problems expressing herself, because I feel that. Btw which outfit did you cosplay? Her regular one or the Enlightened one? And an Edelgard cosplay too? YES, you will look so good I just know it. Also, I love the Edelgard statue you mentioned! I hope she will get an official scale soon. It's was she deserves <3 Btw I'm looking forward to Brave Byleth in FEH! She should be announced soon, right? More Byleth content is always nice ^^

Good so to see that other people are still in Three Houses hell with me. I really hope the devs milk this game more, so that the haters will seethe. Yeah, after three years of nonesense I'm that petty.
18 дней назад
Thanks! >.< Always nice to meet another Tuna fan!
19 дней назад
I immediately canceled my preoder of the Special Edition after the Shez trailer, but decided to still play this game after the Black Eagles trailer. I love Edelgard and her Eagles too much, so I had to. Edelgard's route isn't bad imo, but compared to Crimson Flower
it's just....idk kinda generic, which REALLY pains me to say. The circumstances surrounding the Lords in this game are too convenient. There is no real tension or drama. I was never on the edge of my seat like I was while playing Three Houses, which was REALLY disappointing. Hopes is a VERY safe game. I know it's supposed to be a"fanservice" game, but seeing what the devs did to Edelgard in Dimitri's new route...yeah, no thanks. I don't want this kind of lame ass "fanservice" aka using overused awful tropes on a character like Edelgard. Just no. And yeah, even Dimitri got done dirty. And Claude...well, I don't care enough about him and the Golden Deer to comment on that tbh lol. Honestly, I was never fond of a "golden route" and I was anxious about this when they announced the game. But god, at the end Hopes is just a badly done Three Houses clone with warriors gameplay. It's a cash grab. LISTEN, I want Intsys to milk Three Houses dry lmao, I want them to treat Three Houses the way Atlus treats Persona 5...but they decided not to I guess :/

God yes, Shez is painfully generic and ultimately pretty unimportant. Everything that happened in Hopes could have happened without Shez. For the most part, they’re just kind of that slightly weird merc friend. It feels more like Shez took some of Edelgard's/ the Lords role in terms of being Byleth's rival.

It was sooo cathartic seeing Byleth regaining her emotions while playing Three Houses. (Especially when she regains her heartbeat in CF, I CRIED lol) And yeah, Dimitri is right: Byleth's smile IS beautiful. I lost it when Edelgard complimented Byleth's smile. But god, I hate how Treehouse censored flirty Edelgard lol. Did you know that she wanted to see Byleth blush and heart pound in a tea time dialogue? Because same I wanted to see this too lmao
I never expected to love Byleth so much, but here I am. I'm ready to buy more merch of her. I already bought so much fanmerch. Omg, I'm so jealous that you got her boots?? They looked sooo good!!! But yeah, it's mostly the western fandom treating Byleth like shit or starting dumb discourse about Edelgard etc. Imagine being this pathetic. Byleth had a character in Three Houses. Literally half of white clouds is focused on Byleth's emerging emotions. The problem isn't that it was non existent, but the presentation. VA would have helped, yes, but calling her "bland" and "terribly written" is deliberately ignoring the writing in the game. Hell, there's like a dozen points where Byleth will make jokes, and people take her seriously because of her expressionless-ness. Hell, the very first interaction with Alois, Byleth can choose to say "I'm a bandit", and of course the nightcrawling joke.
It doesn't help a not-insignificant number of those interactions are mishandled by Treehouse

Three Houses really deserved a better spin-off man. But hey, maybe in 20 years we get a Three Houses remake lol. No but seriously, I would give ANYTHING for Three Houses Royal or something like that. An enhanced version of Three Houses is all I need. Gimme a fully voiced Byleth, who talks all the time with the students and the Lords. God, that would be a dream come true. And it would be easy money for Intsy, just saying lol. No, I'm not ready to move on from Three Houses, yes i know it's been already 3 years, but I'm too attached to Edelgard and Byleth lmao
19 дней назад
Also really nice to meet you :) ! Nice to see someone a person of taste es well haha- Blue Lions all the way (๑˘︶˘๑)!
19 дней назад
Thanks so much for the Friendrequest! Your collection is so impressive!!
19 дней назад
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