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I started collecting in about 2006, my first figure being a Sonsaku 1/7 ITEM #6020 I found in an old hobby shop. The box was pretty dusty. Since then I've been collecting figures from all over, less as these years go by as I realise it's a damn expensive hobby.
Now days I only tend to pick out figures of characters I know rather than ones I like the look of, mostly due to money constraints. My current collection is a joint effort by my other half and me, though I tend to buy most of them.


RaidYou finally joined :D
It appeals to the side of me that used to write down train numbers, this is in many ways an evolution of the spotter's books you could underline the numbers in. Seen, seen, ridden behind, cabbed, seen...
9 лет назад
Raid*Brofist* He's a damn awesome model, but the gun keeps falling off on mine... eh. Oh well.

Polnareff is amazing - they need to make a huge statue of him and Silver-Chariot doing something awesome... I just wish they made diorama-models, like of Heirophant Green fighting the cells in Joseph's body or something.

And yes! Collecting models is a very satisfying (and expensive) hobby... nothin' like seeing em all together. :D

derp derp, look who's late as hell

Which gun is that? The one on his hip? My original colours version's holstered gun has come off, due to the little peg holding it on breaking. I haven't gotten around to getting the old super glue on him yet, but he still looks cool as hell without it.

I would kill for a full-size statue, sculpted by PROGRESS, of Anubis-Possessed Polnareff/Black Polnareff! Here's really hoping he gets an SAS of Part V Polnareff in his wheelchair, that would be sweet as all hell.

Oh-so-expensive, but feels so good, man!
9 лет назад
hi could you plz tell me where you got your Sonsaku Hakufu china dress figure from. =)
9 лет назад
RaidYour Jojo's collection almost had me break my mug of tea with shock and awe. My hat off to your, sir.
Why, thank you! I think I have a lower-middle tier Jojo collection, it's nowhere near as hardcore as some other guys on this site. I mostly just have a clusterfuck of Polnareffs!

I admire someone that has something they love so much that they dedicate so much time (and money!) to it.

You have a lot of gorgeous ladies! Though I have so say, brofist for Gazelle the Peacemaker. He's bloody wonderful.
9 лет назад
RaidHaha, no way XD - you got some figures I can't find for love-nor-money, like the Basara figures and the Yugi coin-grand. Plus, my collection is two people's merged into one ^^;

well i can help you out this is where i got my date masamune www.hlj.com/pro... and Sanada Yukimura www.hlj.com/pro... and i got yugi from here but you may not get yugi www.play-asia.c...
9 лет назад
RaidThanks for the friend add :) You have an awesome collection here!

thank you but my collection is small where your is far better
9 лет назад
RaidAw ;A; I hate it when you have to chose between figures.. Guess until more comic shops open in England ebay is always gonna be the fallback ^^;
I'm glad I got Nono, she's a stunning figure =) As much has most figure collectors hate ebay, I adore it XD There's lots of good deals on it and if you're not silly and fall for a bootleg then there's nothing wrong with it x3
9 лет назад
RaidThere was this great hobby shop at the end of a town near me - it used to stock em all for about £10 a piece.. Alas, but these places always close down after a while ^^;

..Also, £3 for a figure!? There's a pound shop that sells figures?! :O

Oh no! I hate it when good shops shut down v.v There's figure's on sale in my local comic book shop, but they horribly over charge D:

Home bargains =D Normally it's stuff like 4Kids action figures but every now and then they have an acctual figure. They had Nono and Oni, but I only had enough to get one at the time =( The oni was gone the next day x3
9 лет назад
RaidThey are indeed, best thing about em is they're generally quite reasonably priced! heh :D
That they are! And they're pretty huuge *o* I only have two, but they're my biggest figures XD I bought them both realtivly cheap, Saber was £15 and Nono was £3 (woop woop pound shops) Where do you get yours?
9 лет назад
RaidThankyou for the friend add!~

Your figma collection makes me envious! xD

Thank-you! ^o^ You have lot lot of BOME figurines, aren't they just lovely? <3
9 лет назад
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