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I just like collecting stuff.


Do you still have the Maou and or Mami figures? I'm not sure I can afford them both but I'm definitely interested. Please advise. Thanks!
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26383733Will do!Okay I will talk to you tomorrow, see ya then! XD
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26380636Once I get through my backlogs of vita games, I'll give it a go :3Yea.. I know how that is just let me know when you start so I can add you and give you tips! (;
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26380179I don't, I'm afraid. I'm not really one for mobile games, and my phone's data usage is pretty bad already lolYou know you can play it on wifi, it's a great game!
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26379847Yeah! Charlemagne looks really cool, so I look forward to seeing what Extella Link has to offer :3I took quite a liking to him I just hope they don't play off Nero, but I look forward to seeing what hes all about.

And by the way do you play Fate/GO USA?
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26379760More plots with the other Servants, in all honesty. Everyone who wasn't Nero, Tamamo, or Altera only got one subplot to themselves and it was a little disappointing :(Yea I second that! I also read online that Extella Link is not Fate/Extella 2 and that the story will be about that new Saber.
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26379676Fave PVC is a tie between ITEM #114 and ITEM #287579. Fave Nendoroid is ITEM #396875. And Fate/Extella was fun! I enjoy musou style games, so to play as a bunch of Servants in one was fantastic!Ah I see, good picks! and as for my favs it would have to be ITEM #414719 and even thou I don't have her yet ITEM #465005 lol, & ITEM #451820

And also what would you like to see in the new Fate/Extella Link?
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26379657Oh, I bet! She looks great though, excellent work! c:Thanks! do you mind if I ask what's your fav PVC and Nendoroid, and how did you like Fate/Extella?
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26379609Oh man, I wish I had the time or energy to devote to GKs. She's lovely @w@I'm happy you like it! You know I have more pics of her on my profile page, she cost me an arm and a leg to get a hold of and to get painted lol. C;
2 года назад
Pyrolover902 года назад#26379574I've been waiting for it since it was announced! All Nero figures are day one preorders for me :3Yea I can tell! I just had to go all out on this Nero GK ITEM #452373 to show my loyalty! UMU!
2 года назад
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