Not taking Selling inquiries atm. Still here, tho.
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I want to know if you still have Miku 7th dragon figure for sale, thanks
1 месяц назад
ummm...your inbox is still full lol, is there any way I could contact you privately tho
9 месяцев назад
Hi your inbox is full but I am really interested in your Miku figure and I hope I can get in touch with you!
9 месяцев назад
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
I just saw your status pressing back, apologies! please feel free to disregard my pm
2 года назад
Another great transaction, very trusted seller!
2 года назад
i think your mailbox is full, i was trying to follow up on an earlier conversation we had
2 года назад
Hello my friend I couldn’t reply via pm but hope all is well. Thanks for updating
2 года назад
Figure was in perfect condition and couldn't be happier. Good seller.
2 года назад
Great seller! Very honest and caring, the post office made our order troublesome but Pekola gave every effort to make it right all the way. Purchased 4 figures and will be back for more hopefully.
2 года назад
Hi dear !

I'm interested for your pre-order - Fate/Extra CCC - Saber Bride - 1/8 - Limited Edition (Hobby Max) -
I live in France !

PM me please~ <3
2 года назад
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