Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.


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О себе

I'm your average closet otaku who has been collecting... too long to be a newbie but not long enough to be seasoned. Basically a decent amount of time haha.

My first figure was this lil gal: ITEM #136444
She was bought at NakaKon in Kansas for well over what she was worth. I was that strange person who actually knew what she was doing when buying her first since I found mfc well before I started collecting. I just never made an account until I had a figure in hand. In a way I dove into the molded plastic money sink by choice.
I later dragged my boyfriend into it. My evidence being his lists there. He doesn't particularly want a mfc account so I keep track for him.
Collection wise I gravitate towards nendoroids but I do buy the occasional scale so long as it meets a list of requirements:

a character I like or someone who meets my moe point requirements
a base beyond a plain dish
a strong line of action in the pose
kimono collection must be 1/8 scale and have sufficient detail

Above all else I have to like it enough to allocate space to display the figure AND store the box. In general this can be the deciding factor in me buying something or not.

My wishlist serves for things that I will buy while my favorites list is for things I like.

For anime... I don't have a particular genre I like. I do however like ones that have good pacing and have a conclusion to the plot. Too many shows just end with a season or two and then do nothing else with it.

I used to play a lot of console/handheld games (mostly Nintendo admittedly). I don't play so much nowadays. It just isn't as fun anymore for whatever reason.
If a major Nintendo game was released in the 6th to 8th gen territory I would have likely played it.
Angel Beats!, Card Captor Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, Fate/Zero, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann, Madoka★Magica, Violet Evergarden
contrasting colors, formal clothes, mermaids, unique base/pose
anything vocaloid is a safe bet
iphone 7s plus
HP Omen


Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.

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