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Hi there!

I'm Organisedchaos also known as Evaglade on other sites (or at cons)

I specialise in collecting Asuka figures/merch form Evangelion and have been collecting her since 2006.

Relating to her passion, stubbornness and angst I quickly became hooked on her and even after all these years no other character has managed to shift her from the top spot. I enjoy the challenge of finding Asuka figures I don't already own and am a sucker for limited and exclusive figures etc ^^ I am also a Sayaka Miki fan and have started a casual collection of her.

My other related interests are Dollfie Dreams, building Gargage Kits (when I can be bothered!) and collecting Anime Cels.

I'm going to try and be a bit more active on here so look out for me!



Always nice to see a fellow Asuka fan, your collection is so impressive !
5 лет назад
I've gotten rid of all my Revoltech now, really don't like anything Kaiyodo does anymore :(.

I have RAH eva girls in the shelf below them now, really need to pick up the other 3 to fill the shelf when I can! Falling in love with this line quite quickly ;P
8 лет назад
Wowza, you've even kept ahold of the original Fraulein Revoltech Asuka, you really are dedicated!
8 лет назад
Organisedchaos8 лет назад#1087110Haha thanks I just can't stop collecting her.

I see you are getting a nice collection of good quality figures going :3

I do like quality with basically anything I buy, I must say. Want to get rid of Meg and the HimeKuri girl I'd like to stick to 1/8, and then the odd Figma/MMS.

You should post up pictures of your Asuka collection!
8 лет назад
Your Asuka collection is awesome!

Best Eva girl. :3
8 лет назад
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Hello, if you can find another one like this figure/32953_so... can you sell her to me? Thanks! :D
10 лет назад
Hi!! Nice to meet you! ^__^
You're a true Asuka fan, as I can see... you've an impressive collection!! Great!! ^__^

Thank you so much for your kind message... have a very nice day!! :-)
10 лет назад
Thank you so much for the Taiga Petit Nendoroid! She's adorable ^^ and she makes a wonderful Valentine's gift... I'm going to have to find something to return the thought with!
10 лет назад
OrganisedchaosThank you, I like your collection of Final Fantasy figures, very cool :D and you have quite a few Asuka figures I don't have in my collection yet too!

My boyfriend actually has some rare Asuka's that he happened upon by chance. He has 1/5 Asuka by Alter, Christmas Asuka, and Summer Wear Asuka. He really likes Asuka too :D

Strangely I have more Asuka's than Rei's, and I actually like Rei more. I'm looking for more Rei's, but I haven't found a lot of good ones that I like.
10 лет назад
Nice Eva collection :D
10 лет назад
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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