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Why are they still allowed to advertise here? Google search shows they are rated 1.46 out of 5.

Sounds extremely shady.
5 дней назад
DiabeteBro Chubby girl enthusiast
I POed a figure from them a few months ago but ive decided to look into more reviews from what ive seen it does not look good should I cancel this preorder or just see where it goes?
10 дней назад
i pre-ordered from them a while ago, but i haven't gotten any notice on where my item is. i sent an email on my order, and they replied they were moving warehouses, and said shipping should resume by early november. the item i ordered is in stock, should i wait longer, or should i cancel and re-order? or should i find another seller altogether?
17 дней назад
Worst website ever, I have placed an order and the items were in stock but it turned out that they are pre-order .. So guys be aware of that.. :(
I don't know why that they are still MFC partner!!!
17 дней назад
Bad experience, I am new with them and have paid around $1000 for 3 orders. All figurines should be in stock or already out from PO for at least a month now. I paid with DHL as well for shipping. Still showing preparing on order status for weeks now.

They should be ban from this websites, they can advertise their shop everyday but can't fulfill order.
17 дней назад
You are one of the worst figure sites ever together with Nippon Yasan.You take our money and don't send the figures Wtf
29 дней назад
ʰᵘʰ (ꐦ○_○)why don't you answer the tickets about my order?
1 месяц назад
I'm having issues making a account, I contacted days ago but it's still an error.
1 месяц назад
berryblue2 месяца назад#101970779I just pre-ordered a figure from them, should I cancel? I'm seeing there aren't too many good reviews here, is it only in-stocks that are problematic or pre-ordereds too?

Same boat here, preordered Nekopara girls, but paid not wit hPaypal, dont know what to do, after reading theese rewievs..

UPD 1. Got tracking number, seems they shipped them after release
1 месяц назад
Been trying for days to make an account with them. Keeps saying Error. Guess i find a different site for exclusive pre-orders.
1 месяц назад
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