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Too late now...way too late. I was busy back in May and forgot to check my account. In the future, I hope I can buy Shiki at a good price.
1 год назад
Communication A+. Payment Speed EX. Thank you! Your inbox is full btw:D
1 год назад
I have sent you the tracking code, the figure should arrive no later than next Friday.
1 год назад
I tried messaging you back but your inbox is full. :)
1 год назад
Necros is a very excellent and trustworthy seller. I originally met him on Mercari to purchase a bundle from him until he suggested that we should do the transaction on here instead because of the benefits it has over Mercari. The transaction ended smoothly and the bundle I purchased from him came in perfectly safe. He is a very great communicator and overall a nice person from my experience.
1 год назад
Inbox full. Unable to send more PMs. Please clear.
1 год назад
Not sure if your inbox is full, but I responded back to your message yesterday. Have a look at it!

1 год назад
Arthur came home safe and sound! Thank you so much!
1 год назад
Hey your inbox is full, I can't respond to your message
1 год назад
Necros recently purchased 2 figures from me, he's a polite and trustworthy buyer. Everything went smoothly :)
1 год назад
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company

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