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Hellow ^_^~ I'm Merleawe (AKA Karumu)
I'm 17 years old and still in School, I've loved Anime since i was small, but didn't really know what it was at the time (Cardcaptor(s) Sakura, Pokemon, Digimon etc) And i can remember going to see Spirited Away when it first came out, so i guess Studio Ghibli was the true reason i got into Anime. I read alot of Manga, and my favourite type's of genre are Magic ^_^
I'm really lucky to have a good friend like Eri-san :)
We have the same taste in Anime and that makes it so much better being able to discuss series with your friend! I don't think i'd be as into Anime if i didn't have a friend to like it with me ^_^ My favourite series is R.O.D (both the series and the OVA)
I really love Figures with Long dresses, especially Nuns and Witches, but i dislike ecchi :3
Oh~ and feel free to comment, i like to talk ^_^

^Couldn't bring myself to delete this from 5 years ago. A bit cringe...

WF summer 2011 watchlist:

Homura Akemi Ichiban Kuji (mfc link)
Mami Tomoe GSC 1/8 (mfc link)
Sayaka Miki GSC 1/8 (mfc link)
Hijiri Byakuren Griffon 1/8 (mfc link)
Iku Nagae Griffon 1/8 (mfc link)
Yukari Yakumo QuesQ 1/8 (mfc link)
Lorna Murasame kotobukiya 1/8 (mfc link) soooo Moe X_X Knives and long dress...
Rufina kotobukiya 1/8 (mfc link)
Blanc Neige orchid seed (mfc link) still waiting for painted ver.
Catherine Max Factory (mfc link) Mami Hair! XD
Totori Phat Company 1/8 (mfc link)

My Most wanted Nendoroid Petits:
(Elie MacDowell)
(Tio Plato)
(Prisma Illya)

This is my Wonder Fest 2012 Winter wish list:

Subara- Houkugo no pleiades (FREEing) ITEM #98931
Rorona- (Phat company) ITEM #98904
Madoka Godess version- GSC ITEM #98665
Kisaragi Saya- Blood-C (Art Spirits) ITEM #99084
Milla Maxwell- ALTER ITEM #84814
Samurai- 7th Dragon 2020- Max Factory ITEM #98947
Charlotte- Nendoroid Petit ITEM #98891
Hanekawa Tsubasa Vignettum SEGA ITEM #99054
Hieda no Akyuu- surfers paradise ITEM #99166

Wonderfest summer 2012!

Byakuren Hijiri- orchid seed ITEM #117945
Lucy Heartfilia- Goodsmile ITEM #117970
Lysette Kalar- Goodsmile ITEM #117934
Meruru- Phat company ITEM #117969
Flandre Scarlet- Orchid Seed ITEM #117942
Elmina Rhoderia- Kotobukiya ITEM #118082
Tera- Yamato ITEM #117318
Hacker- Max Factory ITEM #117928
Akemi Homura- Gift ITEM #117637

Wonderfest Winter 2013!

Jack the Ripper- Phat Company ITEM #144274
Caster Extra CCC- Phat company ITEM #144275
Patchouli- kotobukiya ITEM #143986
Sallya- Max Factory ITEM #144366
Aty- Alter ITEM #144389
Kaname Madoka- Freeing ITEM #144316
Sorceress- Goodsmile ITEM #144324
Totori- Phat company ITEM #134359
Elizabeth- ques q ITEM #144476
Mami tomoe- Freeing ITEM #144453
Yoshino- plum ITEM #144496
Yoshino- Phat company ITEM #144427
Suguha- Alter ITEM #144382
Misaka Mikoto nendoroid- ITEM #144291
Rachel alucard petit- ITEM #144319
Metallica- Art spirits ITEM #144567

Wonderfest Summer 2013!

Airy Ardet- kotobukiya ITEM #166969
Kilmaria Ardeen- Kotobukiya ITEM #166971
Konpaku Youmu- embrace Japan ITEM #167170
Biblia Koshodou no jiken- Toy's works ITEM #167168
Metallica- Phat company ITEM #166931
Shiki Ryougi- kotobukiya ITEM #166817
Seishou Komachi- phat company ITEM #167058
Nagi- Freeing ITEM #167057
Kuroki Tomoko- Sega ITEM #167155
Sola-Ui- Petanko ITEM #167088
Sachi- Petanko ITEM #167161
Taiyou Akari- Goodsmile ITEM #166933
Hoshikawa Seira- Goodsmile ITEM #167004

Prize figure get list:
BB- Sega ITEM #183257
Himegami Aisa- Sega ITEM #183254
Misaka Mikoto- Sega ITEM #183283
Itsuwa- Sega ITEM #183298
Kinomoto Sakura- FuRyu ITEM #183247

Wonderfest Winter 2014 watch list!

Cordelia- Max Factory ITEM #198363
Erza Scarlet- Goodsmile ITEM #198423
Natsu Dragneel- Goodsmile ITEM #198433
Gary Fullbuster- Goodsmile ITEM #198550
Alice Kuonji- FREEing ITEM #198502
Komeiji Koiji- Ques Q ITEM #198506
Warrior Rose- Goodsmile ITEM #198524
Jeanne d'Arc- Gift ITEM #198536
Mako nendo- Goodsmile ITEM #198348
Matoi Ryuko- Goodsmile ITEM #198444
Saber Extra- Beat ITEM #198740
Queen Muse- Wing ITEM #198557



Hehe~ Happy birthday from me as well! =)
1 год назад
Happy birthday, old friend! (Streak of six in a row broken by our friend Celtic, lol)
1 год назад
Happy belated birthday, wherever you might be! =D
2 года назад
A streak of half a decade! :O Happy birthday!
2 года назад
Connect four! Happy birthday!
3 года назад
Happy birthday!
4 года назад
Happy birthday!
5 лет назад
happy birthday!
6 лет назад
6 лет назад
Mer :)! Yay! 3.16am. Yay!
7 лет назад
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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