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О себе

I always follow the release of the new fashion clothing... and iPhone (NOT always).
Updating my wardrobe once a month is in the order of things for me. Sometimes I exceed my limit, but I am always happy with my purchases.
I dress fashionably, stylishly and tastefully. Outerwear, shoes, bags — I prefer expensive (luxury) brands. I mix the rest, something expensive, something from the mass market.
Favourites brands: 2MOOD, GATE31, ZARA, Emporio Armani, Nike, Timberland, Lacoste, Dr. Martens, Furla, Levi's®, Louis Vuitton.

I watch my health. Every year or every six months I visit doctors, undergo examinations.
I prefer books with a medical bias, I also like Russian and foreign classics, and modern novels.

I don’t collect figures and printed materials. The passion is gone, but the curiosity remains.
I watch anime only in Japanese voice acting and with subtitles. I don't watch anything in ongoing and online.

Favourite animals: cats. I love with dolphins, Jaco parrots and owls.
Do not like dunghua and doujinshi. I am not shipper and fujoshi.
A sanguine person, by the type of personality in socionics, is an irrationalist.



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