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I'm Otaku! Hear me mew!
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Hello all!

I'm just your run of the mill otaku. I've been an otaku since early high school. XD

I've been collecting for a while now and my collection is continuing to grow with no end in sight. ;3;

I like talking about figures, new anime shows that are airing, along with classic anime shows. Like neon genesis evangelion, still haven't watched the movies, but I'm getting to it. Lol
I'm always up for making new friends that I can talk to. :)

I just recently started getting into making custom Nendos and I must say that I'm really enjoying making them and helping people out who are also trying to make custom Nendos. :3



Happy Birthday!
1 год назад
Your inbox is currently full, so I'm just leaving a quick heads up here that I've sent payment for the Nendoroid White Rabbit & Alice split. LMK if it didn't come through properly. Thanks!
1 год назад
Hey!happy birthday to you!
2 года назад
Happy birthday!!
2 года назад
Happy Birthday! Hope you have/had a good day ^-^
2 года назад
Cerespam ~Soraname
Hahaha thank you!! <3
2 года назад
Thanks!! Haha
2 года назад
It's been a year already? Gosh! Dude, we need to get more nendoroids before is too late xD! Happy belated birthday. I hope the party extends to the weekend!
3 года назад
Happy birthday!!
3 года назад
Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day ^~^
3 года назад
Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com

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