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Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
Kamimamida7 лет назад#1335884If the order goes through I'll pay for the parts, yep let me know :)
Oh jeez, sorry for the super late reply! Just letting you know that I did manage to cancel Aozaki Aoko. :)
7 лет назад
Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
Kamimamida7 лет назад#1333752Hey Mia.
Haha that's fine, I didn't see it cause I don't get notifications for wall posts sorry.
To be honest I'm not really interested in the parts now from either splits. If its okay you can drop me from the slots. I feel bad for canceling but yeah I've really toned down on figure collecting the past few months.
I'm not sure if you've ordered them already though. If you have I'll take responsibility and pay for what I asked for, but yeah otherwise I'd rather just save the money.
Also about that Erio face, is it okay for you to send it to me in the mail? Just by letter or whatever. I kind of can't be stuffed going city haha. You can send it whenever your next batch of whatever your sending things goes out.

I haven't ordered Kuma yet so that's fine to drop you. :) I do have an order for Aoko, but I can try to cancel it if possible. I'll see how that goes and let you know!

And sure, I can post the faceplate to you no worries. I guess I'll see how things go down with cancelling and take things from there. I'll be in touch! ^^
7 лет назад
Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
Hey hey! Hope you're coping with Melb's weather changes.

Are you still interested in your slots for the Aoko split? club/576/discus...
And Kuma? club/576/discus...
7 лет назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Kamimamida7 лет назад#1307455BECAUSE IH8U. I don't actually know LOL. Funny how we're fb friends before mfc friends...we're so logical.


I know. Logic, logic er'rewhere \o/ ahaha :>
7 лет назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
7 лет назад
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Kamimamida7 лет назад#1305911I suck. I NEVER SAW THIS FORGIVE ME ILY ♥
Thanks :) Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Better late than never! Happy New Year to you too my dear ♥
7 лет назад
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Hi Kami, just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!
7 лет назад
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Kamimamida8 лет назад#1219664Ah I see, sorry I couldn't "review" it earlier haha. Dumb shipping times. Haha I've been a fan of him for nearly three years now. I think once you start you'll never stop. Appreciation for art really isn't something you can really fall out of love with. Yeah I used to thrive on physical copies with things like manga and cds. But I feel sad for all the things I have collected now, cause I just don't really use them/read them anymore. ): Just memories of me in different phases of different fandoms haha.

I feel like artbooks/-some- figures are more worthy though, cause I can actually display them all pretty.

Don't worry about it. I'm happy that yours was sent in a timely manner, let's hope my my books arrive quickly too. Haha I quite know the feels. It saddens me that I don't have much time and interest these days (save for the holidays) to actually pick up my books and read/look at the pictures all over again. I wish shipping costs in Australia wasn't so vile so we could easily sell our unwanted things and go into a vicious buy and sell cycle :P

But of course! That's why my books are all on the bottom shelves while my figures and art books are on the top :)
8 лет назад
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Thanks for the review :) I ended up buying another book since there was one I already wanted but I wanted to order two to save on shipping. I've been intrigued in Redjuice's works lately so I might end up being sucked into his work in the future. Yes, I love physical copies! I even stay away from manga scans and prefer the paper and ink hard copy but I seriously don't earn enough money haha.
8 лет назад
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Kamimamida8 лет назад#1204598Quite a while ago lol. I ordered there but she nevered ordered for me. A week later I saw she left a msg on my wall =__= which you know we don't get notifications for. I hardly ever check it too.

It is, but I'm familiar with the place cause I know people that order Vocaloid music from there.

Yeah it's only because I check my emails that I know stuff is going on on my wall. Last I checked, everything has arrived at her place and I think she was organising invoices. But this was like, last week or something... I should go check :|

Ah okay. In case you wanted an experience from someone who has bought books from them before, I purchased two books from them two months ago. They packaged it really well, with cardboard and bubble wrap too. Only downside was that from payment, it took them 9 days to ship it. I hope that was just my case though :P
8 лет назад
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