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Miku Hatsune & Super Sonico Prize Figure Collector
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I'm a prize figure collector of Hatsune Miku, Super Sonico, and a few other figures here and there. My goal is to have 50 prize figures that I like and look good together.

When I finish school and have a consistent income my second goal is to collect 10 original character scale figures.


Figure Sale $2 - $2018




Thank you! You have a nice Miku and Eva collection, lots of the Taito ones I have missed out on actually ( I am trying to be more picky now for space reasons). And thanks for the FR!
26 дней назад
Thank you soo much for your sweet comment ^u^!! Ahhh I love your Miku collection!!
1 месяц назад
Thanks for the friend request! Feel free to start a conversation about curvy characters with me anytime! :)
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Best Goods from Japan

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