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I just got into figures on October 2016 after accidentally coming across Festival Maki ITEM #317824

I'm a fan of the Love Live project! I loved the original Love Live anime so I started playing School Idol Festival (the mobile game) and now I'm forever trapped in "idol hell" as people call it XD My fave girls from u's are Maki then Umi and from Aqours it's Dia then You. This is my SIF profile schoolido.lu/us...

I'm studying Game Development! I also love playing the guitar, singing, and writing my own songs. So far I've only done an arrangement of Gabrielle Aplin's "Light Up the Dark" but I plan to start making covers of Vocaloid, Japanese, and popular songs. My music is at soundcloud.com/...


Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
2 года назад
Jorge243 года назад#16326774Just 11 days? You're lucky! (compared to me at least haha) The tracking information of the Maki figure hasn't been updated since Oct 22. It still says it's in China! I really hope I didn't get scammed or something XD
Haha I know, I'm very impatient when it comes to this stuff. I hope Maki reaches you soon... 2 months is crazy. :/
3 года назад
Jorge243 года назад#16303969Thanks!
You know, I managed to get the Halloween Maki figure for half the price on an eBay auction! Although I didn't realize the shipping was gonna take almost 2 months! My plan was to get it for Halloween but by the time I get it, it'll be almost Christmas! XD Oh well, who says you can't wear a Halloween costume for Christmas?

Two months??!! That's insane! But at least she finally arrived! I am currently waiting for a parcel and it's been 11 days and it still hasn't even left Japan... ;-;
3 года назад
Have a great birthday! :)
3 года назад
Welcome to the board Jorge24! :)

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Love Live, FMA, Re:Zero, Your Lie in April, here's my list: myanimelist.net
Spice and Wolf, Avatar TLA comics, The Hunger Games
Love Live School Idol Festival, God Eater, Paragon, Bioshock, Tomb Raider. I used to play a lot of Pokemon, League of Legends, Awesomenauts, Hawken, Warframe.
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