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Mostly nendoroid mix-and-matching,
Occasionaly buys scaled figures,

As of Dec. 02, 2013,
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Shop Reference!

Chanced upon this site, looks like a good place to get info

ART/PHOTO THEFT?! Read below:
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Photos uploaded onto MFC are automatically default licensed under Creative Commons unless otherwise specified: "Except where otherwise noted, pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons By-NC-ND License." Most photo uploading sites, use something similar or even more restrictive. If there is no default license attached, it is your responsibility to explicitly declare the license under which you are publishing your material.

The conditions of CC-by-NC-ND include Attribution and Non-Derivative. By reuploading on Facebook without giving credit, the Facebook page owner is violating the Attribution clause. By adding on an additional watermark/logo, the Facebook page owner is violating the Non-Derivative clause.

Given that the Facebook page's photo upload is violating the license of the source photo, as the original owner, you have the right to report the photo via Facebook's abuse channels and have the photo removed, regardless of what you or the page owner thinks/says. Contacting the page owner is a matter of courtesy, but not at all required. In other words, just file a Facebook abuse report on the photo and that's the end of it. Pretty straightforward stuff.

I'm not a lawyer, but I can read English, and a bit of simple research will tell you exactly what I just wrote above. There is no discussion to be had here. Honestly, there shouldn't even be 2 pages of comments on a topic like this. Personal opinions have no place in clear-cut legal issues like this.

Every time a silly thread like this pops up on MFC "debating" the legality of photo theft, piracy, etc., the figure gods cancel a prototype. Please, think of the prototypes.


Check out the FB page for some other stuff (still photography related)! www.facebook.co...



Happy birthday!
3 года назад
Fryste4 года назад#12223619Quite a bummer, not sure what site works and I think that also means the previous blog posts links are also dead, haha I don't think I'll find it in me to fix up all those...
Is it okay for me ask, would you happen to know what are the sites that will still work? I'm thinking photobucket and... Tumblr, haha

Far as I've gather, it's only Imgur that have turned off sharing. Photobucket and Tumblr still works. I've switched over to Photobucket myself with no problems.
4 года назад
Fryste4 года назад#12197088Hello! Just want to drop a thank you, I did not notice that imgur blocked image hosting now, images were showing on my end but I guess that's because it's already in my cache,
Thank you very much! Wouldn't have known it,

No problem. I don't think many have realised it yet unless they have cleaned their cache recently (I'm using multiple computers and that's how I noticed it) as there are a lot of people still using imgur for their reaction pictures and what not.
4 года назад
Fryste4 года назад#12197101Hello! Just want to drop a thank you, I had absolutely no idea that the images weren't showing, good thing you brought it up and someone replied as well,
I'll fix up the review, but again, thank you very much!

You are welcome, thank you for an awesome review. :)
4 года назад
cobra ayaka YJA
page8.auctions.... start from 12000yen
page7.auctions.... bin for 14800yen
4 года назад
Fryste5 лет назад#4152484THEY HAVE ARRIVED AND I AM EXCITED I thank you from the bottom of my heart :D
8 more to go!

Ah! Wondrous! If you ever happen to take pictures once you have the full set, or enough to make a diorama of your imagining, let me know!

A shame it was only 2, but that is my favourite number, so I guess that's good enough. And, of course, you are entirely welcome, fellow fan Fryste! :3
5 лет назад
I'm totally alive :DD
Preparing stuff to move. Actually, I just cleaned a batch of mold that appeared in my room. God damn humid weather. I shiver and cringe thinking the mold might reach my figures.
Man, why GSC had to do Komeiji sisters Nendos now??? I want them so bad. At least I am glad Ques Q didn't update their new Patchy. I never thought I'd want figs to delay. lol

What's up?
5 лет назад
Embrace yourselves, WonFes is coming.

Once I did a review and it was pretty taxing yeah. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon but man gotta love those clicks on your blog. Feels like you are doing something for the community that is not complaining there are few male figures or bringing up why lolis are sexualized topic.
I'm gonna get so drunk at that party. I can see the liver failure approaching. Just as pleasing and suffering as WonFes. Life is bittersweet.
5 лет назад
I guess if I did a loot post, I would display right away. Not for practical reasons, but I just would be itching to do it. :DD
We got a glass cab but it's not entirely glass, just the doors. Detolfs or similars are stylish so we will get those. I guess they also fit more figures because more slots. Thinking of also getting those lower shelves so we can fit manga. It seems very practical altogether.
We don't have a specific date for the wedding but we want it in the summer. Finnish winters are party-kill so we want it to be bright and hot. We won't do anything too fancy, just lots of alcohol and food party for friends, so the date is not very important. (100% HERETIC NO CHURCH WEDDING, we both left the church long ago)
I avoid looking too much at WonFes items I'm not familiar with, I don't want to start to covet anything... :DD
5 лет назад
I am afraid of seeing what WonFes has for next year. My wallet can't bleed next year, I will get married DD:
Hahah I got such a sweet loot, I think I won't open anything until Patchy arrives :DDDD gotta love hoarding boxes to open all at same time! Maybe I will do a loot post, I have never done one.
Luck comes and goes and I grabbed tightly on mine. I was pretty sure I wouldn't see both deals ever again so I just held them tight. It's like they say, once you see it, grab it before it's gone and you regret it. This hobby smiled and waved to me since I won't be buying anything until Christmas.
5 лет назад
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.

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