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Sorry this is kinda late! But I just wanted to say! Great seller 10/10 recommend. Got the figure in great condition! Thanks!!
6 дней назад
Hi there,

I wanted to do a follow up with my message.

Did you want to do what I suggested or you not interested?

You can PM me.

*EDIT* How much did you want to sell her for?
10 дней назад
Amazing seller. Took care of me, would buy from again:)
13 дней назад
Thank you for the figure, came in the mail quick and well packed.
23 дня назад
Thank you for the Ais figure! Very fast shipping and your quick responses were appreciated. Thanks again!
1 год назад
Hey, just letting you know I was trying to message you about the figure you've been wanting to purchase but your inbox seems to be full.
1 год назад
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3 года назад

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