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Selling alot of my collection~ have a look and message me if interested in any!


Excellent Seller! Very responsive and accommodating. Packaged the product with care and kept the figures safe. I definitely recommend and hope to do business with again!
1 месяц назад
Your Inbox is full. I’ll just go with Gladio and ignis. I’ll send you my email for the invoice.
1 месяц назад
Hey just sent a response about Mikazuki Munechika, wasn't sure if you got it since it said your inbox is full!
1 месяц назад
Just send you a DM! Please let me know if you didn't receive it.
1 месяц назад
Interested in the Yuuki Yuuna nendoroid. Where are you shipping from?
1 месяц назад
awesome! how much you selling it for? can you send me pictures of everything? and is there a better place to reach you?
2 месяца назад
hello do you still have joker dark knight nendoroid?
2 месяца назад
Hi. I tried sending a follow up message but it says your inbox is full. :/
2 месяца назад
+1 Great seller! - I'd just like to say Elione was fantastic to deal with. She answered all my questions and provided very good photos. Just received delivery today (very quick!) and everything looks perfect. Thanks so much!!
3 месяца назад
The Kaneki figure arrived fast and well packed!! Figure and box were in A++ condition! To anyone looking to purchase from Elione, don't hesitate! She is extremely helpful and very responsive :)
Thank you very much again!! :)))
4 месяца назад
PVC anime figure store.

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