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I like boys :3
I think the male form deserves more attention.

I'm a collector of anime DVDs, figures, manga, artbooks and doujinshi.



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Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 лет назад
DeathRabbit7 лет назад#1776494Happy birthday! :3

Thanks so much!!
7 лет назад
DeathRabbit7 лет назад#1710613Happy birthday! :3

Thank you :)
7 лет назад
Thank you ! :3
7 лет назад
DeathRabbit7 лет назад#1681151Happy Birthday!

Thank you :D
7 лет назад
Thanks for the FR! :3
7 лет назад
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
DeathRabbit7 лет назад#1503587Happy birthday! X3
thank you so much!! :D
7 лет назад
DeathRabbit7 лет назад#1493555Hope you have a happy birthday! X3

Thank you!! :3
7 лет назад
DeathRabbit7 лет назад#1481795OMG, you ordered Loki too! X3 I can't wait to get him, I've been waiting so long!

I ordered him as soon as I could XD I can't wait for him either, it feels like forever since I ordered him too :(

I just wish I had the money to order the rest of the Avengers... Maybe one day XD
7 лет назад
DeathRabbit7 лет назад#1418404Hmm, let's see...I like so many anime it's hard to choose...My top ten would have to be (in no particular order) Basilisk, Black Lagoon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Paranoia Agent, Princess Tutu, Soul Eater, Trigun, Escaflowne, Hellsing Ultimate and Gankutsuou! Phew, that's a lot!
I really like Bleach and Naruto but I wouldn't put them in my top ten.
My fave manga is Berserk of course. Followed very closely by Hellsing then Gantz.
Nice! There's a few that I haven't watched on your list (Escaflowne, Basilisk, Princess Tutu) and I really need to watch them!
Are you following Gantz as it releases?
7 лет назад
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Paranoia Agent, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, Hellsing, Trigun, Naruto, Soul Eater, Basilisk
Monster, Berserk, Blade of the Immortal, Dogs, Hellsing, Skulduggery Pleasant
More like fetish- white hair, red eyes, tall boots, huge weapon, tight pants, high waist, sexy jacket, belts, fingerless gloves, military uniform...
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