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Hi there!

I saw you have Shirahoshi Grandline Lady special (ITEM #93900) on your wishlist. I have one for sale for 25! PM me if you are interested!
11 дней назад
Your inbox is full, just letting you know I got payment and will ship out ASAP, and let you know when I do. Thanks!
2 года назад
Hey, your inbox is full but are you still interested in this figure? I’d be willing to sell her if you’re interested just PM me ITEM #167177
2 года назад
hey, your inbox is full. i'll send a message back when i can!
3 года назад
keeping a TLR collection is hard, isn't it. My momo/yami shrine is taking so much space already
3 года назад
Hey, your inbox is full. ^^

I took some pictures if you're still interested.
3 года назад
CrimsonNanashi253 года назад#19429309Do you have a picture of the box as well?The box is at home in another box in storage lol. The box is perfectly fine and will be sent with the figure. If you want to purchase the figure please PM me.
3 года назад
CrimsonNanashi253 года назад#19429121Your inbox is full so
Question about SALE #124666
Could you send pictures and what would it cost to ship it to 34685
PM'd you!
3 года назад
Good buyer, no hassle, recommended !
4 года назад
ITEM #151615 200 pages
4 года назад
Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!

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