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«Hatsune Miku and IA are my queens~»
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I'm a new collector but I have a list that's been building for the last 10 years (and increasing even more since I found this website) >.>

I'd like to collect a bunch of figures but will probably limit to the HG..

Despite my growing wishlist, I will probably buy figures and goods that holds a strong sentimental value to my heart... or if I found myself a bit of extra money~

I absolutely adore Vocaloids; Mostly IA and Hatsune Miku but I got a soft spot for others.

Mostly anime~ and Bosch (on Amazon)
The Expanse, Books by Andrew Rowe, Various LNs like Konosuba, SAO, etc.
Vocaloids, frilly dresses, really extravagant outfits, animal ears, bunny girls, long stockings, really colorful and vibrant figures.
Vocaloids, Utaite, and J-Music. Some English songs too~


thanks cloud! i was actually thinking of making an ask MFC where i kind of asked the question about rem today and about waifus, and your comment is giving me the push to do it >:)

i like the show a lot, and i like Rem also, but i kinda thought it was weird that she got all of the character development and barely any was given to the other girls. i was surprised then when Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерsubaru declines her after her speech, because i feel like very little character development was given to anyone else lol. if there is a manga i wonder if the anime followed the manga closely.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
True was one of my very first reviews haha so not the best quality compared to now but still :)

Indeed it has always bothered me that she looked more like a kuudere than a tsundere so i sold her but yeah i regret it...

Could be? Was she expensive?

Oh thanks and doesnt look tasty indeed xD but i havent seen it on candysan then again they include some snacks that is not on their site through the packs.

Fried seaweed is indeed tasty :D

Oh i think we have those in asian supermarket!

Ef was a really great show as well!
And indeed thats mayumi hehe i loved her :) like the girls got oogled for boobs and she wanted to be oogled at too xD

Actually i loved S4 the most but thats mainly cause louise had many great cute moments there, plot wise yeah... rushed indeed. S3 was tabithas time to shine plus the dancer scene was nice but aside from that indeed not great sadly tho i still rated it an 8 or so as i wasnt bored and enjoyed it :) as for siesta i liked her in S1 after that, not so much.. she was too pushy. I liked tabitha in S4 who was upfront about it towards louise saying if you do this again he is mine. Henrietta was sneaky i hated her after S2 :/ or more diskike the hate started in S4 where she knew her best friend loves saito but she still tried to meddle..
tiffa is innocent and cute rlly..

Yeah exactly so many hate on louise while shes sooooo cute in the light novel :) tho in the anime i still loved her but some things make less sense in the anime whereas in the LN it makes more sense.

Ohh good news guess i reread from approx vol 10 to get into the story again :)

And there have been limited anniversary goods announced for ZnT :) ! Made a blog with the link in it so check it out
1 месяц назад
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Chara Ani Louise. Sold her a long time ago and biggest regret ever even if she isn't the best Louise out there..

Yeah wonder what weird tastes they will provide me,good for a blog since I dunno what is in it.
I like the squid with sauce its the dried one yes. I don't think I've had their fried squid or was it that big stick?
Link it pls hehe
But every box is different right? So maybe I get different items.
Awww thanks :)

Haha yeah I know Louise since 2009 I think so 10 years already time sure flies!
She was my crush since then.
Before that I was interested in mayumi thyme from shuffle eventho she was a side character but her quotes were strong and she is so cheerful and cute.
Well Shana never got me either I liked her in S1 but not long after I lost interest in her and she lost her spot in my top 10 favs.
Yeah light novel is better glad to hear someone read it cause S3 was horrible for the development of Louise..

Yeah but not sure if they're translated yet hmm..
Some weren't back then around vol 16 I think
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Sadly didnt win the louise but i started to doubt it was real anyways so i was happy.

True to that.. which is sad and thus i take a break but that doesnt mean i wuit forever or let trolls win i will just take precautions for myself so i can browse happily and wont be affected :) and still post blogs. Im thinking about buying a candysan challenge pack so its a surprise what i get or i might start vlogging reviews

Hehe glad to hear that most misunderstand her a lot but havent really read between the lines or the light novel where it all makes more sense in some way. Shes still a tsundere tho so she wont ever be a mild cute lady she is feisty too haha
So she simply isnt for everyone and tbh in S1 i didnt love her wt first but after S2 i simply loved her
Yeah its my favorite scene too ^^
1 месяц назад
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I will still be online, i just wont be actively contributing like posting below entries etc

However i got so many many sweet messages that i might change my mind and maybe still make blogs and perhaps dont allow comments or just try to not be too affected by trolls and such..

I already avoid a lot as i simply cant handle discussions well :(

Thanks for your positive message as well, i appreciate it :) really.
Thats very kind of you to say, im actually still bidding on a louise i once sold, so stupid... lets hope i win her haha. I am still a famous louise fan, but i would never call myself no.1 por ultimate but if others want to i do feel flattered so thanks
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take123 Bunny Farm
Cloudberry (2 месяца назад) #67503078Hi,
I was wondering what's your opinion on the 1/4 bunny Shiro figure.
I'm debating about the 1/4 Jibril and I'd like to know if the quality on the bunny Shiro is excellent.

Shiro isn't my favorite figure since the pose is odd. But the quality is good. I think all FREEing bunnies in their recent lineup have all very good quality. They improved a lot over the years.
2 месяца назад
Hello there! Hope you accept my FR! Btw, I also love Hatsune Miku!
2 месяца назад
puppincuppie (3 месяца назад) #64541049hey thanks i’ve gone a little crazy
all my $ for mail order brides
i see we both got birthday kizuna

I saw birthday Kizuna Ai in person at Anime Expo in Los Angeles and it's gorgeous. I love how her hair and dress flows. Also, the colors of her dress and her rainbow highlights for her hair adds the cutness for her. Plus it's Kizuna Ai; her personality and sass is great.

I'm totally jealous you got a lot of nice bunny figures (like Lala, Zero Two, Kuro, Illya, and Jibril just to name a new).

And those Nekopara figures, those are great and it makes me want whole collection >.>

And omg, you got loli Jibril; she's so colorful it's really hard to say no to her~

I'd like to spend more for figures, but between RL payments/bills and Anime Expo purchases, I gotta be wise about my spending :\

I'm just torn between buying loli Jibril or the new Yae Sakura from Honkai Impact... I'm thinking about getting one or the other... Or both... Or be like "f- it, buy some Nekopara figures"
3 месяца назад
hey thanks i’ve gone a little crazy

all my $ for mail order brides

i see we both got birthday kizuna
3 месяца назад
Hey if you're interested I'm selling my 1/4 scale hatsune miku ITEM #236103 shes brand new and unopened :) check out my ads prices are definitely negotiable
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