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I'm finally awake
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Looking Forward to17

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Wanna get into vocaloid music but dunno which songs to start? Check out this post I've made to gradually ease your way in: thread/16834

Vocaloids are my life: I adore all vocaloids but mostly Hatsune Miku ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

After that, I just like any cute characters, regardless of series or franchise (≧▽≦)




There's a few different figures I really want. Obviously I have a huge wishlist but These are the ones I really want to own. This is the one I want more than any others: Magical Mirai 2019.

I also really love theses two.

Hatsune Miku - 10th Anniversary
Hatsune Miku - 3rd Season Winter ver.

I really like the elegant and pop idol influences in these figures.

Do you collect other Miku items or just Figures?
5 месяцев назад
Project Diva X on PS4 is my favorite so far. I plan on buying the new one soon too. The new phone game is a lot of fun!!! I've been really enjoying it! What's your favorite Miku figure you own?
5 месяцев назад
I love Demon star too! Also White Dress Miku and Sakura Miku! Favorite song is Age Age again. Do you play project Diva?
6 месяцев назад
You’re welcome! I’m glad to meet you!! Hey what’s your favorite module?
6 месяцев назад
hihi!! thank you for adding me back *\(^o^)/*
8 месяцев назад
Thank you! Brightened my mood whenever I see your comment. :)

Looks like I missed the notification to your last month's birthday. Happy late birthday!
8 месяцев назад
Mylene Prinz Eugen
Hi, I wish u a Happy Birthday!!! may ur wish come true and have a awesome day as well...
9 месяцев назад
Happy birthday!
9 месяцев назад
It’s birthday time! ^o^
9 месяцев назад
Hey Berry! My life isn't going well right now. I can explain the rest in the DM whenever I have the chance. I will take a break eventually. No worries, it won't be too long. :)
1 год назад
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.

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Mostly anime: Erased, Magus Bride, Future Diary, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Made in Abyss, World Trigger, SAO, DxD, Konosuba, Demon Slayer, Goblin Slayer, To Love-Ru, Date-a-Live, Kill la Kill, Asterisk War, Black Clover, Azur Lane....
The Expanse, Skyward, War of Broken Mirrors, Six Sacred Swords, Zero no Tsukaima, Konosuba, Sword Art Online
Star Ocean, Tales of series, Half-Life, Alpha Centuari, The Last of Us, Uncharted series.
Vocaloids, frilly dresses, really extravagant outfits, animal ears, bunny girls, long stockings, really colorful and vibrant figures.
Vocaloids, Utaite, and J-Music. Some English songs too~


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