Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
Selling everything I own to pay for medical bills.
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Hello, and welcome to my page! I just like so many other awesome fans of all things Anime/Manga related are here to showcase my collection! I'm half Japanese(Mother) and half Canadian(Father). I'm an artist whom currently works in a Doujinshi circle, and my biggest influence is easily Takayuki Tanaka(Tony Taka/Tony) I have pretty much followed his entire career with a passion, and almost own everything he has worked on, a side from figures; I also own a one of a kind item of his, that is one of his personal sketchbooks, that he gave to me as a present. I'm always looking to meet new people, especially ones that actually have similar interests lol, I have quite a few blogs, and reviews in the works, just have a ton of work to do at the moment, but if you like Journal's, reviews, blogs etc, feel free to friend request me, or pop in for a gander once in a while. Thank you for visiting my page,


Reviews in Progress:

Tony Works Ciel Chronical(Suggested).
KYMG2 - Kozaki Yusuke Illustrations(Suggested) might do KYMG1 with this one.
Ousaka Kotone - 1/7 (Native).

Blogs in progress:

A psychological perspective on limited/exclusives.
Art Career in three parts.
-Start - Completed.
- Current
- Advice for artists.


Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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