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neptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
Just received the Haruhi figures today! Thank you so much!
8 лет назад
I was browsing and I saw a your icon.. what is that from? It looks interesting, hehe :)

Hi there~!
It's Fate/Zero's Irisviel von Einzbern c: My favourite show and one of my fav characters!
8 лет назад
This is totally random but, can you rate this picture as 5 stars and make a comment, and even favorite it perhaps?
:3 Just something fun I'd like to do for a friend.
9 лет назад
BepboYeah, it's my first time ^^; I can only hope for a bit of luck! haha
And yes! It was the only FF game I could get into, and actually play. So many people praise 7, but I was never a fan (not a terrible game by any means!, just not as fun as I though it'd be). 10 is definitely my favorite! ^^
I'm super jealous of your Sonico <3 x3 I've been looking into her new game, and it looks like lots of fun! ^^
I remember a long time ago when my cousin bought 7. I was only 7 years old at the time, and I played it. I was like. OMG. WHY IS THIS SO MUCH FUN? But I played it only once, maybe for 30 minutes before he kicked me off. And then when Final Fantasy X came out, I played it at a friend's house. I was like, OMG WHY IS THIS SO MUCH FUN?
At that point, I asked my mom to buy me a PS2. My folks bought it for me that Christmas, and I played FFX from start to end. Best game ever. Now if I had more chances to play FF7, and beat it, then I would probably praise it for being amazing but since I never had that chance, FFX for me. :3
9 лет назад
BepboYes, I know what you mean >.< I pre-ordered her from KidNemo, but I'm still nervous about it.. I've read from some places they're not too good with pre-orders, so I'm hoping it isn't dropped! @o@ But I hope they also just release a huge in-stock when she comes out.. that way I can pick her up at AmiAmi, save money, and cancel my pre-order! ^^ Hehe
I hear ya. Amiami seems to always have the best prices on everything, and their service also backs them up too. :3 I've never used kidnemo before. I was going to use them to order something at one point, but I ended up using hobbyfan instead.

And I see that you have some FFX figures. :3 I love Final Fantasy X. Imo, the best final fantasy.
9 лет назад
Bepbo(Pssst. I'm totally with your rant on the Mami Nendo page, lul. Just wanted to say ;D ) And, to be fair, bethykins ended up being way more rude than you after her last reply, lol. 8D (Didn't want to say it there though, and get caught up in moar drama)
Reading back on my comment, I think I'm probably just as bad as her. I probably could have done without writing "stfu" but what's done is done. I really do hope that GSC overstocks it at the end. Mami is so elusive right now, and I can honestly feel the disappointment in those who couldn't secure her.
Thanks for the support though. I appreciate it. :3
9 лет назад
Thanks for the friend request. ^^
9 лет назад
Thank you very much for telling me!! ^___^ but luckily a UK user Smished PM'd me, and she is buying the set for herself, and i'm getting the t-shirt :3
Thanks anyway though!!
9 лет назад
BepboAnd thank you for accepting!! :) And thanks! I won't lie, it's one of my favorite series xD Also, I'm super jealous of your Aegis figma! :) I would kill for one, haha ^^
I haven't seen it for a while x3 I neer paid attention enoguh to understnad ._. My friend explainded it but it went straight over my head lol If she wasn't a present from my boyfriend I'd sell her to you x3 She's great but I've never played persona lol
9 лет назад
Thanks for the FR+ =) nice higurashi collection =)
9 лет назад
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