Best Goods from Japan
Hatsune Miku : Snowy Sakura Racing version.
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My name is Emily!
I cry too much about nendoroids.

My husband TENSEITWISTER is cooler than me.
I'm funny sometimes too!


Raithos Stagnant
Hello, where'd you get those lights for your Miku?
5 лет назад
2kki5 лет назад#2348453We can drool together ~(*¬*~ ) It's gonna be so much fun x3

I can't wait! It'll be so cool to meet everyone <3
5 лет назад
2kki5 лет назад#2347685Hell yea I'll be goin' with him! It'll be super exciting to have someone gush about nendos with <3

Yay! If Good Smile are there again I'll be drooling over the nendos *O*
5 лет назад
Thanks for the friend request, Emily! Will you be going to October MCM with Cam? It would be awesome to meet you as you love nendoroids as much as I do <3
5 лет назад
Sup yo! Lots of Nendos, cool collection.
6 лет назад
Oh of course, and like wonfes just happened. Gotta add all dem reveals to the wishlist.
7 лет назад
Man, you're like the only person who visits this site as often as I do ^^.
7 лет назад
2kki7 лет назад#1499864Aahh! This made me really excited! Thank you x33 It was quite a task to get all of them, especially all in one lot, but so worth it! Thank you for the comment x3

Yes i'm agree, i'm sure all of them cost more than budget we expected ^^
Hope i can see more vocaloid group photo again from you :D
I'm new at this but hope my vocaloid can grew like you XD
7 лет назад
saw your vocaloid nendoroids collection from tumblr
awww that amazing you have all the group :3
7 лет назад
Best Goods from Japan

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