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  • Absolutely Brilliant...
    7 лет назад
    Very nice picture! Beautiful scenery! Congratulations!
    7 лет назад
    7 лет назад
    Nice shot!~
    7 лет назад
    Naoto-chan 一リッカ
    this shot made my heart skip a beat. @~@
    7 лет назад
    Very nice picture! With the view behind it is just sublime! <3
    7 лет назад
    Foreverzero7 лет назад#1542143Absolutely amazing.

    Shelia7 лет назад#1542046Beautiful colours.

    shingouki7 лет назад#1541964excellent sunset ^^

    romax7 лет назад#1541913beautiful! instant favorite! <3

    Risayla7 лет назад#1541717Wow, beautiful shot. ^^

    ItsaTimmy7 лет назад#1540936Very beautiful. Excellent work as usual, Eyeland.

    MonsterrBoots7 лет назад#1540469Finally great photo of her!

    Windforce_7 лет назад#1540296Amazing!

    Thank you guys for your kindly comments and support ^^
    7 лет назад
    Muntoe7 лет назад#1542067This is so beautiful, I hope you don't mind that I saved it for a wallpaper. Lovely work!
    It is a great honor for me to know this :P Just help yourself^^

    MoePinhead7 лет назад#1542116终于传上来了!这张绝对是OTM潜力股!
    喂喂-。+ 不過我還是蠻喜歡這張的就是了...
    7 лет назад
    Status7 лет назад#1540164Love the colors and the angle. This figure looks amazing from the back. Awesome shot.
    That evening glow is pretty good, and I usually like to add some purple color for this kind of view.
    This Tenshi has a graceful pose and that pair of wings is superb from the back..

    zenonzz7 лет назад#1540176WOW!!!!so damn beautiful!!! i even don't know that lens can capture this kind of picture!really beautiful!!^^
    Well, I added a ND filter on this lens so I can use a long exposure, and the result is the cloud is flowing.

    kixkillradio7 лет назад#1542064I am so inlove with this photo! I've been waiting for you to post this pic here. Amazing work as always <3
    In the past 4 month, Hong Kong had a rainy or cloudy day in almost every weekend... I have waited so long...
    7 лет назад
    Really nice!
    7 лет назад
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