Комментарии WTF????

  • Uh oh, something is going pretty bad! Gorgeous :D!
    9 лет назад
    drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
    Oh my goodness, its the blue screen of death! -as I refer to it.
    Lol, last time it happened to me I had a similar expression on my face too. ^^

    Cute shot too! :D
    9 лет назад
    Perfect... Nice shot
    9 лет назад
    Aahahh ^^ Thank you friends!!
    Nagi looks like saying "I only clicked on START" ahahahaha
    9 лет назад
    .... sta schermata il mio vecchio pc la conosceva bene XD

    Come ti fanno a venire in mente certe cose non lo so X°D
    9 лет назад
    Klon Solo Rei basta!
    I think I too had a problem like this once. ^_^
    9 лет назад
    We are having technical diffaculties XD
    9 лет назад
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