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Nitro+Chiral collection UPDATE


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    Aug 06, 2010

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~Please fullview!~ reply to this picture/32946&a... Notice the huge difference .___.;;

Obsession?! @_____@;;; haha, what are you talking about?!

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Holy Molly!!!!! AWESOMEEEEE! <3
2 года назад
Thw life goal
4 года назад
Hmm... someday I will get my hands on those sexy pillows... ॱ॰⋆(˶ॢ‾᷄﹃‾᷅˵ॢ)ӵᵘᵐᵐᵞ♡♡♡
5 лет назад
Wow. *o*
6 лет назад
I want it !
8 лет назад
WOW m( _ _ )m
8 лет назад
I envy and love your colection soooooo much!
Oh my, you have THAT mug *-* and Shiki with flowers? How weird but adorable is that, right?
o.o I just can't recognize that can (?) just in front of Shiki and Akira's plush. What is that?
8 лет назад
ooops, only today I've seen this...
Impressive, imacatlover, congrats! Luv your collection, /me only have the pillow and the chiral no mori chibis, but wanna have more of Nitro+ guys.
8 лет назад
SaRu image not found
mmm think I'll buy the Sweet Pool manga first (when available, I'm reading the chapters in the BexBoy Gold magazines)... lots of yaoi here <3
Want a Makoto plushie <3... with a mini burger XDD *crosses fingers*
8 лет назад
Well, I think I'll buy the vol. 2 in the near future ^^ No hustle here though. I'll buy the book once I get a good change.
btw, my Togainu manga volumes 3-4 just arrived so I haven't even bought the 5th one yet, hahah!

Yeah, I know my collection looks pretty good already but there's always something I would like to get and add to my own collection. And what really pains me is a figure or goods which are already sold out everywhere, like those Military Togainus. I had to pay a lot (and I really mean that) to get my Sebastian and Ciel. But I love the manga and characters so the figures were worth of the money. Too bad my Sebastian has some defects so I haven't displayed him yet. I need to do fix his shoe etc. -___-

And guess what! I think I've something Nitro+Chiral related you don't: Lamento Beyond the Void game. I bought it a couple months ago but I haven't played it yet so I easily forget the whole thing. Shame on me xD

Ah, the Togainu manga really needs to hurry if you ask me! >A <;; When you've finally reached volume 5, you'll probably be in the same boat as me and be like "Daaaammmmnnn youuu Tokyooopoooop! Updaaatee...! ;A;" it's no fun! I heard there might be a chance the next vol's gonna pop up in november if we're lucky, and it's still not confirmed yet! It's not fair, I'm already waiting for it, like, 5 month's already, and it's still going to take another AGE for the next one >__<;; *sob* I hope the anime will be so popular, Tokyopop will wake up, and update faster...!

Ah, I know... there's a lot I'd like in my collection too... even more than the figures on my wishlist. I can't handle to list them, it makes me too depressed to know I'll never have them ;__; I had to pay alot for my Akira too, so I feel your pain with Sebbie and Ciel. Hope you can repair your Sebbie! He's really beautiful *w*

*___* That's pretty cool! I want to own the games too, now that I've gotten my brothers old XP computer (couldn't play them on my mac ;__;). It kinda slips my wallet, though! I wish I could buy the game through ebay, but if I want both Togainu and Lamento, I'm going to have to need a middlemen for them orz||| Luckily, someone fully translated Rai's path and a part of Asato's path on youtube, so I don't feel left out, and could enjoy some of the most wonderful, funny, awesome and sexy scenes *___* Next up the games will be drama CD's... <3 *wistful sigh*

....gosh, I'm SO obsessed! xD;;; I'll stop babbling now... ^__^;;
8 лет назад
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