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    Jan 07, 2014

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Reorganized and was finally able to display figures! Once I get my detolf out of storage it will go between these two shelves.

Yes. The tinted windows have curtains and I close them if it gets too sunny. This is Washington, so it is always grey and cloudy. The sky out there is very grey, just lightened up. I'll only be in this apartment for a few more months. My figures will be fine. ( ´・ω・`)

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Keyser6 лет назад#1932394Omg, quelle vue énorme...

ouais, c'est le premier truc que j'ai regarder de la photo !
6 лет назад
Omg, quelle vue énorme...
6 лет назад
Nice room. ^^
6 лет назад
This is awesome! I love your room setup, great view too. I'm jealous, haha. XD
6 лет назад
I hate renting, always having to move or pay the bump up in price every year. I am so glad I bought a home two years ago.
6 лет назад
Seattle im guessing? :)
6 лет назад
bomhat because I'm batman
damn son. nice place u got there
6 лет назад
Do the windows have a UV tinting on them? I'd worry about UV damage to all my stuff if I was you
6 лет назад
Do I see a cat under the table?

I love how big this looks ;o; I'm a little worried about the sunlight, but dsaddsfdsgd
6 лет назад
It looks gorgeous! I'm really jealous of how nice your apartment is, especially with those windows!
6 лет назад
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