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    Mar 03, 2013
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    Mar 03, 2013 - Mar 09, 2013

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Some of my 1/7 swimsuit figures. Enjoy the view!

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let the party started!
7 лет назад
god i regret it often that i didnt buy this kirino version, why did they make so many version of her in beach version.. and then so good >_>
7 лет назад
She is awesome. In my opinion the best existing Kirino figure. She looks so real and is full of life!
Tommy7 лет назад#1396405I just order Kirino because of this pic xD
7 лет назад
I just order Kirino because of this pic xD
7 лет назад
I feel both awed and out ouf shape.
7 лет назад
so much cheesecake.
7 лет назад
Nice!!!! It's beautiful
7 лет назад
Never expected so many comments. Thank you guys (´∀`)♡

dreamhunter7077 лет назад#1394483Great shot!Shinoko7 лет назад#1394384Awesome collection!kisaragi7 лет назад#1393910so colourful!molligesghost7 лет назад#1393801I really love how you put
this together, there's
so much character in
their faces! It's almost
as if I can hear their
laughter already..
MoolongTea7 лет назад#1393768I feel like going to the beach now *-*
It would have been even more awesome if you had a fitting background,
but otherwise nice collection! :D
LC7 лет назад#1393650Wow! Good combination!Shelia7 лет назад#1393579Lovely composition :)Raithos7 лет назад#1393467This pic is full of win, great!FateTRSC7 лет назад#1392739This is so cool ^^Heartfilia7 лет назад#1392662damn, VERY NICE!
7 лет назад
Great shot!
7 лет назад
now thats perfect harem
7 лет назад