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luv it!!!!
8 лет назад
very funny.

I like it
8 лет назад
Bahahahaha! This is so cute! And L's expression is hilarious! XDDD
8 лет назад
This is pretty mesmerizing. Love L's expression, it's really the best one the nendoroid has to offer.
8 лет назад
thx all for the comments & fave till now~ XD~

HuaQiaoHow did you you do that?

photoshop ^^
8 лет назад
Raithos Stagnant
Oh my god those awards, lol beast.
8 лет назад
How did you you do that?
8 лет назад
Miku its so kawaii! :D I love this photo.
9 лет назад
oh Miku you make me laugh 5 5 5
9 лет назад
Oh WOW!! *u* This is soo awesome! I could watch this all day!! Ahahaha, oh Miku you make me laugh! >¬<
9 лет назад
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