MatteasMatteas10 лет назад
nendoroid k-on! shana good_smile_company akiyama_mio shakugan_no_shana nendoron ageta_yukiwo


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    Jan 17, 2010

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should've left a path behind so it looks like they're dragging through the snow.
8 лет назад
Hurry shana melt the snow.
10 лет назад
Actually, it was Tako Luka who ate it. And now she is going to eat Shana's ahoge ^^

Mio shan't run away. But it's fine, because neither Shana can move as they both have sunk into the powdery snow.
10 лет назад
Did mio eat shana's melon-pan? xP
10 лет назад
Run Mio!
10 лет назад