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Remake shoot for FuRyu's Hokusai from Fate/Grand Order. This set was based from her 2nd Ascension version (figure and illustration) features a couple of waves made from cellophane, and a hand-made clay figurine of Toto-sama.

See full album:
Fate/Grand Order - Katsushika Hokusai (Noodle Stopper) - FuRyu

Wave Tutorial:

Behind the scenes:
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Comparison from 2019 shoot:


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chachachow disaster zone
Phenomenal work! Skill up :)v I'm really impressed at how you managed to get cellophane to obey long enough for a photo shoot haha
26 дней назад
Amazing work on the waves, great practical effect!
26 дней назад
heekyungx0 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
26 дней назад
Wow, just brilliant!!!! How you did the water is amazing!
26 дней назад
Import from Japan

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