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Happy Birthday to Nami! The navigator of the straw hat crew from One Piece!

I'm still setting up my new room, but here is a picture of my Nami & Robin shelf from my old house.

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AnthonyLuffy22 дня назад#80587842it's beautiful *-* <3

A beautiful display for beautiful ladies. <3
22 дня назад
piratestyle1 месяц назад#79900845Nice Nami shrine, is that Wano Nami a resin?

Thank you, friend.

And that is a prize figure by Bandai. I got that from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I have had my eye on some Wano resins though. :3

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22 дня назад
it's beautiful *-* <3
22 дня назад
Nice Nami shrine, is that Wano Nami a resin?
1 месяц назад
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