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I was in Japan for 2 weeks last month (in June 2011) and here's all the anime/manga related stuff I bought during the trip.

As you can see, I didn't buy many figures but my suitcases filled up with cups * U * Also, my mission was find some AnE related stuff and I did it! I bought some artbooks too, as well as doujinshi. And those charms & straps etc. were must-haves the moment I saw them xDD

edit:// my Hibird-yh img.photobucket... awwies > 3 <

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lukkasilver6 лет назад#1740244I want to see that portgas doujinshi *A*
It's a yaoi doujinshi collection, Marco x Ace. It has 2 Gintama stories too.
I think I bought the book on Akiba's Toranoana ^^
6 лет назад
I want to see that portgas doujinshi *A*
6 лет назад
Wow, these are so cute and awesome goodies. xD I am really happy for they not harmful or broke in airplane sorry I worried for yours. ^^;;;; sorry.. ._.; Let me ask you about your Madara (Nyanko-sensei) is little big plate or pan or what? o.o???
8 лет назад
@Miharu_Yuki: Thank you~~ I have to admit there is :3
9 лет назад
awesome merchandises >-< nya~
9 лет назад
@Kaichi: Ginpachi-sensei!! xD I love the other side of the mug even more: there's Katsura and Elizabeth <3 (and the first one looks like an idiot, gotta love him!)

@Kzuki: Looks like it. The only thing I really wanna find is the official shot of it. I know the JAN and price.. hmmn. A release date would be great too actually.
9 лет назад
Kaichi ☆☆☆
love the gintoki orange mug!!
9 лет назад
Kzuki Stalker
Lol pretty sure mine says "not for sale" >< can't check to confirm because my room is currently in a box-avalanche.. so then maybe your Hibird is a standard release after all? What you could do is ask Noppin or Mandarake if they know more about the mug if you show them a picture :)
9 лет назад
@MonocleClaire: You bet right xDD I clearly spent more money than I planned to. Still I wasn't able to buy everything I wanted ; A ;

@Kzuki: Hmnn. You may be right. 'Cause Hibird was the only one for sale there too. But hey, is there a price on your Kuro cup's box? Hibird has one so could it really be a prize/lottery item after all?

@R_Kasahara: Theheeeh, thanks xD
9 лет назад
I bet you were absolutely broke when you got home xD
9 лет назад
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