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sailor_rnoon can't stop buying from mandarake
So pretty!!
1 год назад
This is a wonderful doll colletion.
1 год назад
link to the miku on the left side?
1 год назад
HassySoda Autumn girl
This is beautiful
1 год назад
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments, everyone! I was pretty shocked to log in and see this picture on the front page, haha.

MissMinty1 год назад#66138740Do you need to temperature/humidity control for the dolls? I'm curious about how people with lots of them keep them all neat.
These displays are in my basement and I have a dehumidifier down here anyway, but I haven't had any issues at all with any of my dolls or their clothing becoming musty or damaged at all. I'm not sure if the dehumidifier helps, but I guess it doesn't hurt! I also vacuum very often and use a feather duster to keep dust away as much as possible.

BlackUsagi20131 год назад#66138378I’m gonna guess it’s the IKEA BILLY maybe with OXBERG doors and some DETOLF (glass) shelves with the BILLY shelves.
I might be wrong though lol.

The case on the right side of the picture is Detolf from Ikea. I'm not sure of the origins of the middle case, as I bought it used. The next case down was from Amazon and originally black but I spray painted it white to match. It's slightly wider than Detolf and has one more shelf, so it's really nice for a bit smaller items like the Azone Pure Neemo dolls.

Jelenii1 год назад#66170099Amazing display: the murloc in the corner really did it for me.
1 год назад
1 год назад
Amazing display: the murloc in the corner really did it for me.
1 год назад
I'm not a doll kinda guy but this is really amazing
1 год назад
I aspire to have a doll collection like yours. I love the neatness of your collection as well.
1 год назад
These displays are beautiful! I can tell a lot of love and care has been put into it, great job!
1 год назад
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