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Om nom nom! Pen-chan loves fast food <3

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im hungry. :3
4 года назад
I'm hungry right now and this banner shows up. XD Fries are unhealthy...but if they popped up in front of me right now I'd eat it. :3
5 лет назад
6 лет назад
ñam ñam delicious~
6 лет назад
Small fry.
6 лет назад
I love fries! <3
7 лет назад
Me gusta.
8 лет назад
X_BaconHmmm, now I'm hungry...

Your username is making me hungry XD
8 лет назад
Hmmm, now I'm hungry...
8 лет назад
Yummy! =3= ♥
9 лет назад
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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