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Об этом изображении

I didn't have much time to take pics of Ayanami's figma yet, but...

Also, at first I was trying to recreate this fanart:

I had very little time and there are some obvious limitations, so that was my end result!

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Awesome picture !
7 лет назад
i like it n_n
8 лет назад
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I am happy that it is recognizeable! Thanks!

@Michiko, @Fabienne, @MastraCustom
Thank you :)

Most of the differences come from some limitations of the figmas (they are great, but there are some things that are just plain impossible). If they could not look only straight ahead it would be fantastic.
9 лет назад
not very close to that fan art but i think your pose is nice too

best part is able to hide Asuka's chest :)
9 лет назад
Very interesting pic ^_____^
Our beloved eva-girls are always so pretty ^^
9 лет назад
great combination and lovely posing
good job ;)
9 лет назад
Beautiful shot :3
9 лет назад
Hehe I recognized that pose from the thumbnail. Fukamatsu-sensei is one of my favorite fanartists and doujinka ^o^

Gorgeous photo either way~
9 лет назад
Klon Solo Rei basta!
Lovely poses of the figures, nice colors!
9 лет назад