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Mononoke spirits

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When I saw a set of five tiny mononoke spirit dolls from some random seller on Ebay, a scene popped up in my mind. Now, the photo didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted but this was the best I could do.

Those dolls glows green in dark once it soaks up some sun light and I felt I could make the glow (fluorescence) work in the photo. Sadly though, it turned out that the glow was just too weak for my camera to catch. It couldn't even catch any light from the dolls in complete darkness. So, this was the alternative version I came up with.

The scene is that the spirits are looking up night sky. The bluish light would be moon shine.

There are actually five dolls. Four are sitting and the 5th one was standing. I couldn't get the standing one blend well with the rest, so he was omitted. I grabbed the dolls for 20 CAD (free shipping) on Ebay. I could find them cheaper on Amazon but they'd ship from China which meant that I'd need to wait around a month for them to arrive.

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Love it! I need to get me some of these little guys. I saw them on eBay as well and was sooo tempted!
2 месяца назад
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