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Об этом изображении

Diorama setup, in a changing room - handmade diorama. Next to her is an oxygen tank and scuba diving equipment set which is made by Dam Toys, at 1/6 scale. Photographed in a tabletop studio lighting setup. Read more in the photography article below:

Photography Article: BLOG #41491
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That is so cool; what an awesome shot!

Thanks for sharing!
1 год назад
New avatar... Will you shoot laser from your butt? ;)
1 год назад
sanchetos1 год назад#43874993Wow!!
Where can I buy these miniatures?

The oxygen tank i bought it online, places like ebay and such. I bought it from China's Taobao platform. But most of the furniture surrounding her - from the shelf to the bench, are my own handmade stuff.
1 год назад
Where can I buy these miniatures?
1 год назад
You make Kanan so beauty and sexy with your picture, I love her so much ♥♥♥
Nice job ;)
1 год назад
Wow !! Very good job and photo !! *_*
1 год назад
Wow !
1 год назад

✖ → GoogleTranslate "A word of wonder is exhausted."
〇 → Correct Translation "Just one word, AMAZING!"
1 год назад
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight

I can't say what others have said already. Great work on this.
1 год назад
Seriously one of the most awesome setups I’ve ever seen. Great job!
1 год назад
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

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