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    Nov 07, 2018

Об этом изображении

My pokemon artfx-j collection so far! :D

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Kent1 год назад#47085702Good News. Kotobukiya will re-release May.

Good on Koto! Keeps the scalpers away :D
1 год назад
Good News. Kotobukiya will re-release May.
1 год назад
Nice, but why are all of the best girls in the back?
1 год назад
This picture makes me happy yet makes me want to cry. Missed out on May and Serena which is quite depressing. I hope they re-release those as they did with Red. Not too upset about Lily because I've preordered the trainer version. :)
1 год назад
I'm not catching them all but they look so good together
1 год назад
Very appealing :-)
1 год назад
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
Chudi1 год назад#43199414I absolutely love this line, would probably get them all, I already have all the upcoming on preorder!

True dedication! I hope you upload a follow up pic when they come in!
1 год назад
Very cool!!! Nice photo!
1 год назад
Very nice display. So nice to see a full display of human characters from Pokemon. :D
1 год назад
Wow, this is amazing. I had to wish-list every single character. I want to do this in the future if wallet-chan is nice enough to me. I love how they kept everything the same to the bases, starter Pokemon and poses.
1 год назад