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To me personally the boobs were a huge distraction on this figure, so I did an edit on my phone on how I could possibly customize them to make them less distracting. I don't mind the size, just the way they were half coming out of her dress.

Sorry for the rough edit, I just doodled this on my phone using my finger.

Just wanted to play around with an idea on how to make the main focus on the figure the figure itself, not just her breasts.

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the boobs are a total turn off for me.

Your design is much better.

SERIOUSLY. These melons are so UGLY.
8 месяцев назад
sabernoleon rules!
1 год назад
If she looked like this I would have seriously considered get her *sigh*
1 год назад
personally for me its easy to focus on the figure with the boobs included, idk, they are just boobs to me so its not a big deal
1 год назад
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
This looks awesome!
1 год назад
I mean if gsc did this it wouldnt be that character anymore.
1 год назад
if she didn't have those boobs falling half out of her dress and it would have looked something like this I might have bought her
1 год назад