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Welcome to my doll and figure collection room! ♡

Last update of my collection, now I have 5 cabinets ≧◡≦

More photos in detail here in my blog!

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mintea2 года назад#34847763Your pink haired doll is so cute aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Haha I'm happy that you like her! ^_^
2 года назад
Your pink haired doll is so cute aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2 года назад
Thank you so much everyone! I'm so happy that you like my collection room! ^___^
2 года назад
So empty... but beautiful and clean.
2 года назад
Woooow !! So beautiful collection and room !!! *o*
2 года назад
It's so clean and well-lit! What a great place to display your collection!
2 года назад
Saw your collection room pictures on a FB doll group this morning and I love your dolly displays *-* So cute <3
2 года назад
So much free space <3
2 года назад
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