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Well I started this a while ago but never had enough motivation to finish it until recently. It didn't come out the way I had hoped but I'm satisfied with the result.

Comments are always appreciated.

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"Where ever the trail may take us." Sometimes this comes to mind when I'm on a beautiful trail like this but it usually leads to a busy main road. :^(
3 года назад
beautiful ^^
4 года назад
It's beautiful, but I actually like the banner better.
6 лет назад
This will be my new desctop background at least for a while!
6 лет назад
Looks like it came straight out a fairy tale.
8 лет назад
Whoa! It looks like this should be the cover of a card! Maybe license it out xD
9 лет назад
So yummy & tasty ^o^
Your seasoning are so perfect!
9 лет назад
Man, just perfect!!!! Hope this can win POTM ^__^
9 лет назад
stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
That's super nice!
9 лет назад

I believe photography and painting are two different ways of capturing an image.
So when it's fused like this, it gives off this "neither painting nor photography" feeling that makes me feel uncomfortable.
Like I said, there's that thin wall that separates them.
It looks believable, but not believable at the same time... if that makes sense =/.

As for good or bad, while it makes me feel uncomfortable, I think this method of fusing them captures your image the best, so I have to say neither. ^^;
9 лет назад
PVC anime figure store.

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