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saber type_moon saber_alter good_smile_company fate/stay_night hiroshi_(sakurazensen) tokunaga_hironori kawahara_takayuki


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    Aug 18, 2017
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Love the cloudy background, definitely adds a ton of dramatic effect.
2 года назад
nicely done!
3 года назад
Thanks everyone.^_^
3 года назад
this is awesome!
3 года назад
Wow this is an amazing picture, thanks for sharing.
3 года назад
from far, the sword on the left looks like a feather lol
3 года назад
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
awesome shot!!!
3 года назад
Truly an epic fight!
3 года назад
Illogical but looks cool so who cares lol
3 года назад
Very great job !! Amazing !! :)
3 года назад
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