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AwesomealexisAwesomealexis3 года назад
koi tippy anko stronger kafuu_chino anime_university_coop gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka?? wild_geese kouda_kazunari


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    Jun 19, 2017

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very cute!
3 года назад
remonsterman3 года назад#22469773Beautiful!

Thank you <3
3 года назад
3 года назад
ptitange233 года назад#22386745Wahou !!!! So beautiful !!!!yurirainbowz3 года назад#22402035so bright and cute :3DarkButterfly3 года назад#22404510Super cute! Great pic!astarte9523 года назад#22407808cutie of the day!

Thank you ❤️❤️
3 года назад
cutie of the day!
3 года назад
Super cute! Great pic!
3 года назад
so bright and cute :3
3 года назад
Wahou !!!! So beautiful !!!!
3 года назад
EXkurogane3 года назад#22369276Nice work =)
This kind of photo is probably) one of my main weaknesses when it comes to photographing figures - personally im not good with abstract backgrounds.

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much ❤️❤️
My goal is to make a diorama as wonderful as yours, I always love your photos and their backgrounds!!! I always seem to have great diorama ideas, but never seem to execute them all that wel :O
3 года назад
Dribz3 года назад#22362932Very well done! This captures her spectacularly!azusamukami3 года назад#22367863CUUUUTE!!!

Thank you so much ❤️
3 года назад