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I really hope you like this picture of little Ludwig van Beethoven from the Ero-Game Eiyuu*Senki GOLD. As soon as I saw this figure and here very unusual base, I immediately came up with the setting for this one. Then, after a few visits at the local hardware shop and some orders from online I had all the props together in order to create my vison and take the photo on a cold December night. The title as you might recognize is a pun on the film title “Night at the museum”. Wouldn’t you also love to have your figures brought to life at night?

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Lucky you! A tutorial was my intention as soon as my new worldpress side will be on.
I will let you know!

iced_wine3 года назад#16596764impressive set up! If you ever get a minute, please post a tutorial of how you set this up!
3 года назад
This is one amazing photo.
3 года назад
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Lovely idea! I really like this figure and have come across her multiple times but for some reason haven't ever purchased her. I really like the added detail of the guard rails hehe
3 года назад
Museums! <3 Stellar photo and concept. I'm waiting for my other Table Museum figmas and I'll get to work on a museum setup as well. :)
3 года назад
very cool setup!
3 года назад
chachachow disaster zone
I love museum concepts! You did an excellent job putting this altogether!
3 года назад
I love the thoughtfulness put into planning this GORGEOUS display! I have fun doing the same thing
3 года назад
impressive set up! If you ever get a minute, please post a tutorial of how you set this up!
3 года назад
woah, nice idea
3 года назад
absolutely lovely! <3
3 года назад
Live better. Play more!

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