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    Aug 11, 2009
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    Aug 09, 2009 - Aug 15, 2009

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So I was wondering what it would look like if I got all my Haruhi figures together... This was the end result. What do you all think?

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100% luv!
8 лет назад
Haruhi invade the world
9 лет назад
WOW amazing
10 лет назад
wow look at how many haruhis lol
10 лет назад
Rainbow-LicorneYou are in need of the sega prize figures!

Well I only have like one. Most of the other ones I've seen are only so so. The Live Alive ones quite nice and I do need to find that second set of Vignetteum Cute ones. Probably only those Sega ones might get picked up if I see them. Currently the last 3 "large" figures I want are the Griffon Bikini, Kotobukiya Bikini, and Daiki bunny.

I'd do an updated picture but since this one I've only a handful of new ones.
10 лет назад
You are in need of the sega prize figures!
10 лет назад
WOW!! Haruhi-ism
10 лет назад
10 лет назад
Thats a whole lot of orange ribbons!
10 лет назад
sugoi !! :D
10 лет назад