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Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
This setup is crazy cute!♡♡
2 года назад
I love the top shelf in particular. <3
plus it's cool to see a size comparison for all the Conans.
2 года назад
Yo me again (Sorry bout the spam)
Regarding the Kaito Bootleg (What a suprise LOL)

I'm still debating a Kid custom,
Do you think his monocle would fit a legit nendoroid? (and maybe cape?)

Ik buying bootlegs are wrong, but there arnt many other options, but thought i'd ask someone who owns it before wasting money xD
(And you're like the only person i know who has it xD)
3 года назад
Yeah he is a "bootleg" (unofficial)
I bought it for my sister last year in Portugal :) i only paid 10€
3 года назад
Muntoe3 года назад#19607247I'm assuming you're talking about the one on the very top left? That is actually an unlicensed "original" bootleg; in other words, no official product exists for that item.
Yeah, thats the one. been tracking it down for a while now, i was on the bootleg page and someone else said the same thing. Guess there really is no orginal version afterall.
Though most the bootlegs are poorly made and the legs arnt all white,
May i ask the owner where they got theirs?
3 года назад
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Kiz-xo3 года назад#19606955Where did you get the small nenodoroid like Kaitou Kid from? I'm looking everywhere but only cheap bootlegs are coming up :(I'm assuming you're talking about the one on the very top left? That is actually an unlicensed "original" bootleg; in other words, no official product exists for that item.
3 года назад
love that Sonico Shrine!
The Angel Beats amazing too xD
3 года назад
your setup is so beautiful!
3 года назад
I love what you did with the DMG cell! The background is so cute!
3 года назад
inspires me to make a less shitty set up for my figs haha
3 года назад
Live better. Play more!

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